How about early adopter rewards for liquidity?

I know that the team isn’t focused on price and that’s great. However it seems as though all these other projects have been sucking up the spotlight because they offer insane rewards for providing liquidity on their platforms. I don’t want to turn Inc into a giant hyped up pump and dump like the dumb ones out there but perhaps we could revisit the rewards program for providing liquidity to the platform as well as increase the variety of coins supported in provide v2. It should definitely be something sustainable but enticing to draw in more liquidity providers this early in the game. Not many people will stay if they come for the low fees but cant trade with low fees because averything they want is only tradeable on uniswap. We need to get people to bring their liquidity from uniswap over to Incchain.



You make a valid point here but the difference with incognito and all the other projects is the number one reason its here and that’s Privacy.

I actually thought this and brought it up in another post about adding a few other tokens to Provide and the team did address looking into it. Since then I’ve had second thoughts, not entirely against adding other tokens to provide but loosing the focus of what Incognito is here to do in simplicity, and that’s provide privacy.

People who are here just to trade for low fees are not actually grasping what Incognito is here for and how to actually use it.
I’ve seen so many post about request for incognito to do things that they can readily do now with other exchanges all be it without privacy. In order for incognito dev team to make serious headway it’s imperative the focus on simplicity and allowing them to focus on perfecting the code they have now, explain to people how Incognito is designed to work for them right now. It would be nice to have this network grow to some gargantuan number over night but that serves no real purpose if transactions can’t operate without human intervention.

1st and foremost users can take almost any coin / token and Shield it into a pCoin giving that coin privacy and non traceability. If the user understood Incognito for its intent, then they now have the ability to unshield that coin into a private cold storage that hasn’t been used on the blockchain or unshield into their hot wallet for open blockchain use. I venture that most current members don’t even use Incognito this way now.

I thought this also, but now I’m not completely convinced this is necessary at this time. Provide currently has all the coins it needs to have. If someone really wants to add liquidity through other tokens it’s there for them to do through ADD. Your incentive are the network fees and that’s all it should be.

Incognito has made things nice by adding pUniswap and pKyber to help with liquidity but Incognito has pDex and its perfectly sized for its simplicity trading privately between the most important coins / tokens, BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI, XMR. Since most all altcoins are paired with these Incognito doesn’t need to become some massive behemoth exchange, that is what all the other exchanges are there to do now. Incognito can eventually grow, but needs time to perfect the code, smooth and speed the transactions as they stand now. They’ve done an outstanding job laying the foundation from which they can slowly build from.

@Brakley please know I’m not criticizing any of your thoughts, it was only meant to offer another view for thought.