Help with Offline Node

I have had my Node offline for over 2 months now. Can someone help me get it back online. I have had the node since it first launched. I can’t seem to connect To Wifi even after plugging in and unplugging multiple times. Ethernet is not an option. Is there a way to reset the node to try to reconfigure?


peter was gracious enough to help me set mine up. I was rather frustrated and angry i must say and he was gracious enough to withstand that. In my frustration, I even requested a refund. I am eternally glad that I did not do that for it would have been a mistake.

I am glad we were able to connect it and considerably glad due to all the updates to the system.


How do you reach out to peter?

I tagged him in the post above…click on his name and message him

I think it’s just an error you can look past.

My physical node device has shown as being offline for 99%+ of the duration I owned it since November 2019.

But it still stakes 24/7.

@Peter has confirmed so with me many times.

In addition, I had been receiving stake rewards almost daily.

Mine has been showing up offline and been at 0PRV since. @Peter Please assist

Please send me your Node-ID in a private message. Its format is 1234-567890.

Hi Jsun,

I got your information and here are some details:
1/ Your Node was set up successfully on December 04, 2019. You withdrew the earnings a few times and the last withdrawal was processed on March 03, 2020.
2/ Then, you went to unstake your Node on March 06, 2020. That request was processed fully. That’s why your Node shows “Stake” as the screenshot below:
See also: pNode Staking Mechanism & How to use 1750 PRV to stake on pNode

So, you would like to stake the Node on your own (require 1750 PRV & get 100% rewards) or use the Funded staking again?

Hi @Peter, thanks for the reply!

Can I please use the funded staking again? Also, is there a way to fix it from being offline? How can I tell if my Node it is connected to the internet.