Help with Bitcoin atm buy to wallet

Tried buying $20 of Bitcoin and it’s the shield. Wallet says inssufficie amount. And it won’t process into wallet. Someone can help?

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I will bring in @support to help you.


you have to leave at least a little prv to cover cost. if you dont have any prv post your incognito address of your pdex wallet and ill give you some

No, when he went to shield, he shielded a smaller amount then the minimum required. Which I honestly didn’t know was a thing until recently.

ok so simply shield the required amount? whats the minimum?


Address pdex

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When you read the shielding screen carefully you will see the minimum amount stated as 0.001 BTC if you sent less, it won’t process. This is not related to having PRV.

add more btc til it equals .001 btc and it will process the shield.

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@Support whats the minimum amount required to buy to add funds to Bitcoin or other currencies in your wallet?

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.001 btc for bitcoin, .009 eth, .007 bnb … the others I dont think have a minimum

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If I send more money to the same address I tried sending to will my funds go to wallet. I had put $20 in an Bitcoin atm. If I put $20 more will my full $40 be in wallet minus fees of course

You should not be reusing shield addresses for deposits, but yes multiple deposits will accumulate under ‘BTC’ in your ‘Assets’ tab

Why shouldn’t I use it 2 times I can always change the address and start over right.

Each shielding address is a one-time use address good for (I think?) One hour. Of you try to do a second transaction with the same address, it won’t go through.


I’m in that case bye bye $20

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Hi @Vampyrica

Welcome to the Incognito community. Our community advised correctly: There is a minimum amount to get the shielding processed, and each temporary address can be used once only.

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In this case, please send a private message to @Support and attach this information so we can help to check:
1/ Screenshot of the request that says “Insufficient amount” on your app
2/ Transaction hash of your 1st transfer and 2nd transfer


How would it be possible to receive that $20?

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Funds are considered lost if it didn’t reach the “minimum” amount. At least we will try to have a look in this case.

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Maybe that text needs to be moved above the QR-code. People seem to not scroll down that far.