Help spread awareness of Incognito

Let’s think in terms of the Uber model for a bit. Incognito has been recruiting “drivers” - network validators, liquidity providers, and so on – all of whom power the network that allows users to use their crypto privately. If you’re currently making privacy possible – thank you!

Now is time to attract more “riders” - users who are looking to use privacy, who will use our network to shield, transfer and trade their crypto privately. These are people who believe in freedom, hold major coins like Bitcoin, and Ethereum, and strongly care about their privacy.


Spread the word and earn rewards

Help us find those “Riders” and get rewards from the network. How? Simply share Incognito Products to the demographics that need them.

What’s the pitch? Feel free to be creative.

Here are some highlights to start you off:

  1. The easiest way to anonymize your BTC with the Incognito Wallet.
    Approaching $10M in shielded volume.

  2. Privacy-focused decentralized exchange. Buy and sell BTC confidentially, without KYC - Incognito pDEX
    Currently $4M in liquidity pools, and $5M+ in trading volume.

  3. Trustless set up with Bitcoin network.

So, select a demographic and go for it. Rewards are detailed in each topic.

Potential demographics

  1. Youtube videos & Podcasts focused on Privacy -->
  2. Media and Journalists with focus on privacy -->

Feel free to suggest additional demographics if you believe Incognito can help them.


Very good quotation from one of our members. Will help you to pitch incognito in a right way:


I like saying stuff like, check out stable built from the ground up privacy chain. Then add this gif.


I have an idea.
How about personal tokens creating?
All of the people are worth something.
We helping each other, we produce a stuff and provide services.
We are buing or selling things.
How about providing services or selling goods available only for your tokens? First, they would have to be purchased from you (later also on dex) to be able to participate in joint trade.
Governments rob us of our money by printing and inflation as the result.
Let’s create our own parallel currency.
Today can we mint privacy coins “in app”.
But to create your own personal token, you need a smart contract with a unified name, ticker, fixed supply (I propose 3,000,000) and so on.
Supply scheme could be similar to bitcoin, the amount would increase monthly until after some time total supply would be reached so no one could mint more tokens than others or mint them from from an additional account.
Feel free to brainstorm…


@Yoikoto do you want to take care of this initiative and develop it as own project ?

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Hi Andrey,
That would be great!
But I can’t code so I hope the development department will be able to help me …
How I can start?

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hey @Yoikoto, there are quite a lot smart devs hanging out in this section

Could be a good place to match cofounders :slight_smile:

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