Hello I'm Vien and I'm an Incognito Rebel

Heyy, Vien is here :wave:

I’m a Incognito Rebel

Where are you located (City, Country)
Currently i’m located at Indonesia - South East Asia

What kind of activity would you like to do to grow Incognito ecosystem

  1. Currently i’m managing Incognito Indonesia in Telegram
    https://t.me/incognitoindonesia (currently 36 Members)

  2. Building relationship with other developer to build integrations with Incognito.

  • Hardware Wallet (Estimation project started August 2020)
  • DASH Integration (In Discussion with DASH Internal Developer)
  1. Also i managed Indonesia sub-category discussion at Incognito.org

  2. Indonesian Translator and Indonesian Incognito Educator

What my future activity

  1. Educate people how important Privacy is (especially in Indonesia with lack of privacy rights)

  2. Build an integration with real life uses scenario

  • Integrating Incognito to POS (Point-of-Sale) Offline/Online
  1. Promoting Node to South East Asia especially Indonesia
    Node is the power privacy.
    Incognito Network without Nodes = Car Without Fuels.
    To power Privacy we need more people to support Incognito by providing Nodes to powering Incognito Network.

  2. Online event Discussing the important of Privacy

Thank you @andrey and @elena and @Ducky
To help me reach until this point, also Trust me to fill this positions


Welcome @vien to the community :joy:


Yepp, thank youu @Ducky :star_struck:


congratulations @vien :+1:


Thank you @Trader3 :smiley:

Go mr vien :+1:t3:

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Thank you @mersaluna

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