Helium Tokens?

Any idea if we might be adding Helium Tokens to both wallets and the pDex? I finally received my Helium Hotspot recently, and it seems there aren’t many exchanges who work with HNT.

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How is that working out for you? I was considering getting one but I live in western Canada and didn’t see a lot of activity where I live.


I agree I also might be getting my hotspot soon which Exchange can we use

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So far, I’ve only found bilaxy and Hoo.com. I got it online on the 30th of May, and it’s made 11.8 HNT so far, which is about $2.80.

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I don’t have an account with either of those exchanges, and I don’t plan on joining in, so for now I’m just hodling my HNT. They’re only worth about 25¢ each right now anyway.

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Is it ERC20 ? CC @elena

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I have no idea, actually.

It is not. According to their website they WANTED it to be ERC20 but they didn’t want to work with smart contracts so they went with a hybrid and use HoneyBadger consensus.

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What are smart contacts for anyway I use gramfree but just curious

I don’t know if anything is being done to try to integrate Helium Into the pDex, and I DEFINITELY don’t have the know-how, but they are starting to rocket! They just announced a new device called Tabs, and they seem to be launching they’re own trading network. Their token prices also nearly doubled, goint from about 27 cents yesterday to about 46 cents today! They have partnerships with a lot of different companies, and I really believe Incognito could benefit from working with them!


I would like to tag @elena for this


Hey guys!

FutureMiner is right, they have own blockchain, so we couldn’t add HNT at the moment.

But we are in contact with Helium project, and if such cooperation will be interesting for them, we’ll add HNT later.


Wow, @SynthiaNominae, you must be rolling in the rewards right now! HNT is near $15. How’s your mining been going and did you end up finding and exchange you can use regularly or are you still HODLing?

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I wish. Bilaxy isn’t an option anymore. I also live in an underground apartment, so the signal is pretty bad. ATM, I only have like 18 HNT.

Oh darn. What state are you in? I was just about to buy a couple miners for my place in New York.

There is only one problem with getting miners…some of the vendors are like backlogged like crazy so the wait time is insane…we talking from weeks to months no joke…so be ready to wait a bit before receiving your miner/s… :sunglasses:

Are Hotspots and miners the same thing? I have one of the original Hotspots they released forever ago.

Whom did you get the hotspot from and exactly how long ago did you get it?

I got it FROM Helium, and I don’t know exactly. It’s been over a year, though.

Hi @SynthiaNominae…thanks for the response but I guess my question is who is exactly was the manufacturer or vendor of your device…was it Nebra, Bobcat, Rak…those are some of the vendors…just wondering which one specifically… :sunglasses: