HD Wallet feature - new release date

You’re probably excited for the release of the new HD wallet feature, and for good reason!

Manage your keys with a single mnemonic phrase? Yes please!

You’ve also probably seen this post urging you to back up your keys in advance. Do that.

However, that post also mentioned a November 16th release date.

I hate to play with your emotions, but that date has been pushed back.

Why the delay?

Developers noticed some errors in the word list, such as including incorrect words and certain entries including punctuation marks, which would make the list incompatible with the global norm (BIP0032/BIP0044, and the BIP39 word list, for those in the know).

This makes things tougher on builders, as they would be using a list incompatible with other platforms, making integration impossible.

So, we need to take our time to review the work that’s been done, and ensure it’s free of errors. With a properly functioning HD wallet feature, builders will simply need the mnemonic phrase to begin their work, and they can integrate their platforms with other HD wallets. It will be a great boon to the builder community.

Incognito devs have been developing BIP-standard protocols, and will continue to do so as they revisit what’s been done so far. In preparation for the feature, they’ll also need to rebuild the app SDK, extending the process somewhat.

Because key generation will be different with the HD wallet feature, you won’t be able to generate seeds for your existing keychains. You will still be able to recover them using backed up private keys, but for ease, you may want to transfer funds to new keychains once the HD wallet is live.

HD Wallet - coming December 2020

With all the work ahead, it’s important we take ample time to execute well.

As such, the new release date for the feature is the end of December.

While I want the update as much as you do, taking the time to build better now makes things easier on you in the future. And just think, what a great way it will be to kick off the new year! :partying_face:


:broken_heart: :joy:

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But… why?



In this case … uh, no … no, it’s not. Makes no sense for the devs to disregard the established BIP39 protocol. A homegrown wordlist would have made any kind of integration with existing hardware wallets IMPOSSIBLE.

Glad to hear the team has changed course. Still concerning that a plan using non-standard protocols was even considered, let alone acted upon.


@Mike_Wagner @inccry, you bring up good points, thanks.

I’ve since checked on it, and it turns out I misunderstood the developers when they explained the delay. I’m editing the post now to fix my mistake.

What happened was that they noticed some formatting errors in the word list (such as erroneous punctuation), and need time to look carefully through what’s been done. I was then told that the devs have been and are still “developing the BIP standard protocols, such as BIP44, BIP32, and BIP39.” We just need a bit more time to make sure everything is in order.

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Thanks @aaron for the detail!

Indeed, the words list defined in the incognito repository here is invalid :sweat_smile:.

It produces this kind of words (with spaces):

  'abandon',   '  ability',  '  able',     '  about',   '  above',
  '  absent',  '  absorb',   '  abstract', '  absurd',  '  abuse',
  '  access',  '  accident', '  account',  '  accuse',  '  achieve',
  '  acid',    '  acoustic', '  acquire',  '  across',  '  act',
  '  action',  '  actor',    '  actress',  '  actual',  '  adapt',
  '  add',     '  addict',   '  address',  '  adjust',  '  admit',
  '  adult',   '  advance',  '  advice',   '  aerobic', '  affair',
  '  afford',  '  afraid',   '  again',    '  age',     '  agent',
  '  agree',   '  ahead',    '  aim',      '  air',     '  airport',
  '  aisle',   '  alarm',    '  album',    '  alcohol', '  alert',
  '  alien',   '  all',      '  alley',    '  allow',   '  almost',
  '  alone',   '  alpha',    '  already',  '  also',    '  alter',
  '  always',  '  amateur',  '  amazing',  '  among',   '  amount',
  '  amused',  '  analyst',  '  anchor',   '  ancient', '  anger',
  '  angle',   '  angry',    '  animal',   '  ankle',   '  announce',
  '  annual',  '  another',  '  answer',   '  antenna', '  antique',
  '  anxiety', '  any',      '  apart',    '  apology', '  appear',
  '  apple',   '  approve',  '  april',    '  arch',    '  arctic',
  '  area',    '  arena',    '  argue',    '  arm',     '  armed',
  '  armor',   '  army',     '  around',   '  arrange', '  arrest',
  '      typical' ...

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


I’m glad that you’re planning to use the global norm BIP32/BIP44/BIP39!

I was also wondering how you would generate the seed phrase from existing private keys because it doesn’t seem to work like that. I’m glad to see that will be the default for new users, and you’re not trying to do anything ‘tricky’ that could fail.

Keep up the good work :+1:


So many :crazy_face:

Seems like it would be easy to correct this by simply copying the words from one of the many sources that didn’t fuck this up?

playing with emotion is fun :laughing:

Yes, @Pseudonym. We use this one: https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0039/english.txt
And what we are doing is to implement it.