Having Other Coin Projects Add Their Coins

I have worked with several dev teams in the past on small coins. The coins have listings in exchanges all though most aren’t BIG exchanges. These coins are POW or POS coins like #LCP and #FEDGOLD which use to be #TIPS a private tipping platfrom.

I would like to invite those dev teams to get involved with their coins into the incognito network.

They have pretty large followings and many investors (almost cult like similar to incognito and privacy dedication, so it could produce more interest and transactions if their coins are available in incognito.

How does one go about initiating this connection between dev groups? How does someone correctly and professional present to these dev teams the benefits of their coins in the network.

Or is it not like that with bridges and coin selection by Incognito devs?

These coins would be looking to protect their privacy but also exchange their native coins to PRV or other assets.



Let’s invite our growth guru @andrey


thanks, @Jamie! Hey, @InvestForFamily I can jump in a discussion with devs of these projects. My calendar is quite flexible so during the week I am more than happy to chat with them.

At the same time, I just want to share that there are some underwater rocks from the technical part of the integration. To build a trustless, non-custodial bridge to a new network can take up to 6 months. Integrating chains one by one could take a hundred years, and doesn’t sound like a good plan.

This why we are actively working on a universal trust-less implementation of a bridge - Trustless Custodians: A Decentralized Approach to Cryptocurrency Custodianship. With this implementation Incognito can be integrated into any chain.

We expect to have such implementation live this summer and from the moment it’s launched we can start actively integrating new chains. Meanwhile, we can have a quick call with devs I’ll explain to them about how it works, and if they find integration a mutually beneficial we prioritize them up.