Growth Suggestions Incognito Community

Please, I will suggest that we include Onramper into the incoming pDEX, it’s just a simple line of code, lot of people will be needing it.

Let’s make it possible to buy PRV with MasterCard or Visa. I am sure it will help this great crypto community to grow more.

New users without any cryptocurrency in there wallet will easily get into the system.

Let’s get this considered please

Hello @KingOfCrypto,

This is something that has been previously discussed on the forum and Telegram. Incognito will not have a fiat on-ramp. Doing so would jeopardize users privacy and put Incognito under legal scrutiny.

Besides, options already exist to trade fiat into crypto without KYC.


Alright, @Jared

It’s understandable! We shouldn’t do anything that will go against our community vision!

Please, share with me the telegram link

Crypto only club here! Fiat only draws flies


You make me laugh :joy:

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