Growth awareness through integrations (Andrey)

Hey guys! Andrey is here :wave:

What privacy problem are you solving?

Incognito has one of the most advanced cryptography stacks and privacy utilities in the whole crypto economy. Our devs made a great job of shipping Incognito Chain, Wallet, pDEX, Highway, and other upgrades. Despite all these achievements, only a small % of all crypto users know about Incognito.

What is the solution ?

Through trial and error, I noticed that the project gets the most exposure when adding privacy options to existing big protocols, and implementing cross-chain tools.

So the solution is to integrate with the top 5 blockchain protocols. From my side the KPI - is to confirm partnership, start implementation, and push this in media.

Who are you?

I am Andrey, doing biz and growth for the Incognito Project. I work in a team with @elena and @Ducky. We combine efforts to boost awareness.

Latest achievements:

Why do you care?

I use crypto on a daily basis and I use it in privacy mode. I believe once people try privacy mode for their crypto there will be no going back. So my goal is to get as many people as possible to try a better, safer way to hold and use crypto.

What’s your plan? What’s your schedule?

  • Collaboration with existing privacy coins Monero & Zcash. Adding them to the Incognito pDEX to allow cross-chain swap between private and public coins
  • Starting collaboration with public protocols like Cosmos, Ontology, Cardano, Lisk, Ripple
  • Will try to get a grant for Integration implementation

  • I coordinate Ambassadors & Builders programs (join us)
  • I run an initiative a Private Donations (will share more info later)
  • I secure speaking and interview slots to spread info about incognito
Objective Integration with top blockchain protocols
Key result Sign 5 partnerships with major blockchain protocol
Key result Get 5 ambassadors
Key result Organize at least 5 projects by community builders


February 1 - April 1

What’s your budget?

Resource Cost Quantity Monthly cost
Marketing initiatives 200 PRV 5 1000 PRV
My PRV salary 2000 PRV 1 2000 PRV

|Monthly TOTAL:|||3000 PRV|

The total budget for the two months campaign: 6000 PRV

The budget for ambassadors and builders will be requested through the Grant Program.

Is there an existing conversation around this idea?

Yes, this proposal is the second formal initiative that focuses on collaborations with other blockchains and currencies.

Is there anything else you would like the community to know?

If anyone from the community wants to help with finding/executing integrations, feel free to reply to this topic or create your own proposal! Feedback about the current plan is also welcome.


This would be huge! Yes to your 2000PRV salary! :smiley:


February updates:

  • Collaboration with ONT
  • AMA with NEO
  • Media push for Monero <> BTC private swap

Started conversations regarding collaboration with

  • EOS
  • DOGE
  • LISK
  • Cardano
  • Zcash

@andrey thanks for the update. I’ve moved this to the “work in progress” category. 3000 has been funded to your account. Please keep us posted.

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Hey folks !

My progress update for the past week

  • Signed MOU with ONT (planing to announce this week)
  • Started privacy donation initiatives
  • also started work on integrating donation with Incognito to a third party places
  • prepared materials for SDK integration with third-party wallets

Don’t have results yet with:

  • trying to find a contact with ripple team
  • looking for more rebels to cover these directions
    -S. Korea

Hey Friends !

Here are my updates for the past week

  • Pushed up the integrations process Incognito into crypto wallets (help @nickvasilich & @zes333 to pitch Incognito)
  • Launched Initiative with private donation (Expecting first results by the end of upcoming week)
  • Having conversation with Zcash team regarding potential collaboration
  • Learned about granting opportunity from privacy oriented funds

Hey folks !
During the past week I’se spent quite a lot of time on 3 major directions

  • Helping @Ducky, @jason @nickvasilich @elena on their initiatives
  • Started work on proposals for submitting grants from Privacy Oriented foundations (cant share more info on this moment)
  • Recruited more Rebels to our Alliance (China, Japan)
  • Explore opportunity how to increase liquidity for the pDEX

For the past and next weeks, my third OKR working with builders is prioritized down, since we start getting development proposals organically.


Hey guys!

Here is a quick update what have been done for the past week.

In terms monthly report

Key result 1: 2 of 5.

  • signed MOU with ONT
  • launched bridge with NEO (its live in the Incognito wallet)

Key result 2 5 of 5.

Our rebels community keep growing (now we presented in Japan, China, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey)

Key result 3
Priority was switched to more important task, like pdex incentives, work with influencers and media.

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nice job in march andrey - it was pretty ambitious. moving this to the archive. full speed ahead for april!