Google services

When trying to run the android app on a phone without Google services, it gives an error that the app can’t run without Google services but its still running - not sure if it won’t break it though.

furthermore as privacy project, with a community of people who do care allot about their privacy it might be better to rid of Google Services as whole cause they are probably the worse privacy invader entity on this planet, and providing direct APK for download from the site.



Let’s refer to Tien’s comment below.

We do have APK file here: Featured Products


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Based on your answer I suppose that even if downloading the APK directly, the app will still require Google Services for all features to work properly?

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Google Services is required for Notifications and Set up Physical Nodes. So if you don’t need them, just ignore the error

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i did ignore
it was working so i sent 50$ worth BTC to the wallet,
after it was received, app crashed and keep crashing since.
when openning it, it loads half the menu options and then crashes.

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Please provide us your device information. We will check it further.

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