Good Lord....What’s going on with ERC20 token fees?

I tried moving some ether and usdc coins from incognito and the fees are outrageous. I am not understanding why it costs 50 PRV to exit out? I know a solution is to convert to ltc or dash, but its simply annoying and have to deal with conversion fees plus price volatility. I hope this is fixed in the future. I love incognito and holder of 15k PRV but this fee is outrageous.


There are posts all over this forum. The fees are coming from the current price of eth. not incognito


But why would that affect it so much? I just moved ether from voyager to kucoin and vice versa. Fees are no where close to what’s charged in incognito.

If you search something like “unshield fees too high”, you find a number of posts explaining why they are so high, and how users have worked around them by converting to coins with much lower fees.


And still not a penny of those costs ends up in Incognito pockets. As @Thriftinkid said, do a search and read a bit, it will all become clear.

Btw, when you move coins within the Incognito environment, costs are next to zero.