Good amplifier value for stable coins pool?

Hello. I’m trying to create a new pool of two stable coins (DAI and USDT) using the incognito-cli, and I was just wondering, what would be the recommended amplifier value for this case?

Ive passed your question on to the devs.

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Just curiosity. Why do you need another DAI-USDT pool? There are two DAI-USDT pools. At least one of them is probably created from the team. So they will probably recommend a similar value. In that case, is there any meaning to add a new pool with a similar/same amplifier instead of adding liquidity into the old one?

Btw, to me, a general amplifier recommendation would be difficult since a good amplifier value requires knowing the liquidity amount. For example, assume that you will provide 100k USD. In that case, let the amplifer be x. If you provide 10k, a good amplifier would be about 10x.


There is only one, besides the one I have created, and it is based on Ethereum coins. I want to create one that uses Unified. I can’t add liquidity to Ethereum, because I have converted them to Unified.

Strange. I see two USDT (Unified) - DAI (Unified) pools. Here are their current (real) liquidities:

USDT-DAI: 30250.884076023 - 16858.392777907 (Approved)
USDT-DAI: 74.576486514 - 74.31671988 (Unapproved)

I think the second is yours. Btw, since it is unapproved, it cannot be used through the mobile app. FYI

Oh, you’re right. Why is it not equal?

Amplifier -> Virtual liquidity

In sum, buy amount is calculated through the amplified formula of the constant product.

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I thought it acted equally in both sides of the pool.