Go to your app store to get release 3.10.0

What do you mean, @Shobhan?

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I have not power cycled the pNode, will do that today… but everything else was done on the instructions.

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Keep us posted with the power cycle!

Power cycle fixed app connection

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@Peter When i am update my app on play store then app automatic closed problem show me then i am restart my phone now app work fine :+1:


@aaron @Peter. I am not sure if this is the expected behavior, but my pNode still goes gray several times. Since I first reported here in this thread, I have had to power cycle 3 times to get it back to green. So at least once a week.

I do have vNodes also running on the same network, and they have not had any connectivity issues within the app. I know with the current committee and selection process, this really isn’t an issue with earnings, but I do worry about this with the new updates being made, for instance I posted a comment here on this topic about a week ago:

Another concern around this Is that I am planning on hosting future NodeTree’s in remote locations where I will not have direct access to them for power cycling on the regular. And I dont want the new slashing rules to limit the selection process of nodes with the already increasingly lower probability of selections that happens as the network grows.

So, I am not sure if this is still an app UI desync, or if this is an actual problem with network not being able to tunnel in to the pNodes… any clarification on this would be helpful.

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If you won’t have access for power cycling, consider using an IP PDU to grant remote power cycling.

https://dlidirect.com/products/new-pro-switch (Amazon link)
https://www.synaccess-net.com/np-02b (Amazon link)
http://dataprobe.com/iboot-g2/ (Amazon link)

For the above options you should use a secured jumpbox or VPN to access the web frontend of these devices, rather than port-forwarding through your network’s edge device (router, firewall, etc). You could port-forward; it’s just perhaps not the best choice from a netsec perspective.

If that’s too much (cost, hassle) you could use any one of the app-enabled, “smart” power strips or power plugs available on Amazon as a low cost, pseudo-PDU with more-or-less “secure”-ish remote access.

For example –

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Thanks for these suggestions @Mike_Wagner, I am sure a connected power strip like you are suggestions could fit the bill, but I would also argue that if a pNode is losing connection with the network on a weekly basis, the devices themselves could power cycle after a period of time without connection to Highway/network… which seems like a much better solution than me having to look and check on the device to see it is not responding, and then making sure to cycle before the pNode gets hit with the slashing rules that will be upcoming.

I just think a solution on app (or pNode itself) is a better solution for the pNode, than requiring an additional device that could require extra configuration… especially since the pNode is supposed to be a super user friendly, plug and forget it type of device.

The Auto-Ping feature on the DLI PDU can do that for you. You would configure the Auto-Ping system to monitor the LAN IP of the Node. If the Node drops offline, the PDU will power-cycle the Node for you. You can configure how often the Node is checked (pinged), how long it needs to be offline to power-cycle, retries, etc.

Any of the first three devices will have that option.

The Amazon “smart” power strips/plugs … won’t.

Ahh, I see what you are saying… but the issue is the pNode is still online via the LAN… it is just not being see by Incognito…

I can still query the device RPC and get its information, the app is just not showing it can connect to it, which I assume is 1 of 2 things:

  1. NAT punch through has failed and needs to be updated for connection back to Incognito
  2. It is actually all good, and it is some sort of desync with just the app.
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Got it. I just wanted to give you some dev independent options.

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Thanks, I appreciate the input and insights… always good to get as much input as possible.

Maybe this is super silly but how about one of those cheap cheap timers designed to turn on/off lights when you wanting. Just set it to do a weekly poweroff. The key would be what’s the minimum time it can be off…the cheap one I have here looks to be like 1 hour (which is probably too long).

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Thanks @doc @Mike_Wagner and @marko for the input. We found that some others have experienced this, too. I believe that you all use the latest firmware 1.0.4, so we are checking remotely the Node to find the root cause.
We will keep you posted.

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@Peter This has continued to happen to my pNode, but at this point it has gone gray in app, and stoped syncing the chain for the first time. I also did a restart of the pNode (which had fixed the issue that as happening about every week before), but this time, the node has not started to resync after the reboot.

Again, just for further clarification of the setup… I do have 4 other vNodes (two total machines) running on the same network that are working as expected.

Also worth noting that when I run the following curl command, I do not receive any response from the pNode at this point (which is a new symptom)

curl 'http://XXX.XXX.X.XXX:9334' --data-binary '{"jsonrpc":"1.0","method":"getmininginfo","params":"","id":1}'

Hi @doc, please provide your Node ID in a private message so we can have a check.

@aaron My zap wallet has somehow even when I set it fast fee rate on main btc chain left the fee at 1sat/byte which will cause the transaction to an incognito shield btc address to certainly be too late to make the 2 hour time limit. Zap apparently does not have the RPF feature. Is there anything you could do if I sent you the shield address (I am thinking of possible Child pays for Parent approach? Or is there a way to extend the deadline on a particular btc shield address. I have just received my new node from icognito and am trying to get my staking funds gathered in the wallet before setting up the node. Anything you can do to help with this btc shield transaction which I am sure is going to be a long wait now?

Hi @Northhill, extending the deadline on a particular BTC shield address is impossible. Please have another wallet (as an intermediate wallet) to handle your BTC before moving it to Incognito.


I was using Zap as my intermediate wallet with fee control, but that fee control which I had set to “fast” failed me for some reason. I will definitely not use Zap again since I didn’t have the fee control I thought I had. Having made the mistake, I still am wondering: If that currently stuck tx is included in a btc block (when/if the mempool is cleared out of those low fee transactions which occasionally happens), would the transaction eventually show up in my incognito wallet or is it not recoverable in this case? Can you do something about once it is included and confirmed in a btc block as sent to the incognito shield address?

Once the transaction confirms you can select it from your incognito shielding history and tell it to re-try.