go sdk v2 / cli improper balance response?

Trying to use the v2 sdk or the CLI version to retrieve balances. In the app when I import the private key it shows the correct balance, but no matter what flags/options I set in sdk/cli it always returns 0.

Same for me when using the incognito-cli. Before the convert the balance was showing correctly so I guess it must default to v1? cc @duc

Hi @bird, @adrian,

I think it might be because the way you submit your keys. There are two options for submitting a key which have been described this post. Here is a quick comparison.

So basically, if you submit a key using the regular method (passive caching), the full-node only caches your coins after the submission. On the other hand, if the active catching is used, the full-node will cache all your coins. However, the latter requires an access token, which you can only ask for from the full-node owner.

Did you submit the keys correctly? Did you run your own fullnode or did you use the community node?

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And also notice that, you cannot check the balance right away but have to wait for the full-node to finish the indexing process.

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Ohh forgot about submitkey! Works great now, thank you!

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