Funds don't show up after reinstalling the Wallet app

Hello 200 ONE tokens I bought from the airdrop do not appear in my wallet, please help.

Can you share a screenshot of the buy transaction?

Did I miss an airdrop?

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Airdrop happened while we were on testnet still.

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@Jamie i think @Merhan30 is referring to pONE (from Harmony) token airdrop, not PRV. not sure where that came from, but maybe Harmony did an airdrop on pONE at some point.

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Okay, the pONE airdrop was still a long time ago, november 2019. Unless they started a new one after that.
The OP has not made it clear whether it is an airdrop reward or a trade.


No no no. I had joined before and 200 One had slept. However, the balance did not appear when I deleted and reloaded the wallet.

You can import the private key you saved to recreate the account that holds the funds.

Here is a manual how it is done

Did you add the coin to your wallet?

I hope you saved your private keys.