Full node error, cannot start

Shutdown my vps without closing incognito correctly and ever since than I’m getting this error trying to start it back up…

Panic 1156 get shard block by hash error

Any idea how I can fix this? (Hoping the blockchain data did not become corrupt)
Env is set correctly (ulimit -Sn 10000)

Hi @Matt6412 I have asked devs to take a look at this.

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Error resolved.

hey @Matt6412 what was the issue if you dont mind sharing?

I added a start script for incognito and the run command I had a parameter left out

./incognito --discoverpeersaddress “mainnet-bootnode.incognito.org:9330” --testnet false --nodemode “relay” --relayshards “all” –datadir "data/full_node" --listen “” --externaladdress “” --norpcauth --rpclisten “” --rpcwslisten --txpoolmaxtx 100000 --loglevel error 2>&1 | tee fullnode_mainnet.log

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Thanks @Matt6412 If you dont mind id like to keep the topic open in case any other users run into the same situation they will know how to proceed.

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