Full account history feature for tax reporting??

I heard we were going to get a tool to use with cointrader or crytpotax? Any updates on that?

According to @Chucky post linked below, it appears to be still in the works.

Relevant section:
Q: How can I export my history? I have taxes to file!
A: Not to worry. As @tien tells us, the CSV export feature will be ready by 23/03.

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You want to hide your crypto coins, make a bit of profit,… and you want to tell the f***ing tax man?

Am I missing something?


@Andogen I think you replied to the wrong person. I’m simply linking to the update about the tool. I personally have no use for this.

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You dont need to tell the taxman. Everyone has a right to do as they please. Not everyone has to fill taxes for crypto, but by implementing an export feature, those who DO need to file taxes can do it without having to hunt through the app to find all your transactions.