Four Quick Questions About Incognito

I am looking for an open source private cryptocurrency wallet. I have narrowed my choice to Incognito and Unstoppable.

I apologize that my knowledge is lacking in this area but if my iPhone were lost, stolen or broken would I be able to restore my Incognito wallet as long as I have my 12 word phrase and/or password?

Secondly is Incognito actively developing or it plans with a timeline to have a Mac desktop app?

Thirdly, will Incognito run on the Ledger Nano X?

Lastly, how would you compare Incognito to Unstoppable?


Quick answers from a community member:

Yes, the phrase is enough like any other HD wallet.

Not yet but a browser extension will be available soon.

The team is working on the ledgers. There are some topics on this issue.

Let’s wait for a member of the core team :joy:


Thank you Abduraman.

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Welcome to the community @pirate and even more so thank you @abduraman for answering his questions and indeed a further response from the core team should be forthcoming… :sunglasses:

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