Found a bug in the wallet

Hey dev-Team, @Support

I found a bug in the wallet. The prices of the coins are completely wrong. Look here…

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Oh you are right. In my wallet it is the same. Also with other pairs wrong PRV values.

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Hey @Nubex thanks for the feedback. Ill pass this information down to the correct people. Thanks!


Thank you!

yes i also posted on help we can merge the posts

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What exactly is wrong with the prices? They seem pretty normal to me.

Look at the stablecoin prices. DAI & USDT are ~0.93 PRV. The price of PRV today is ~$1.54. Shouldn’t that mean the price of DAI or USDT would be around ~0.65 PRV? BTC should be around ~7,799 PRV.


Gotcha, let’s find out how they are determined and when they (should) update.


Any news on this @Jamie?

It has been fixed. There will always be a slight difference between what pDEX displays and what is displayed on the Assets tab.

On pDEX it displays the minimum amount of coins you can receive at that moment.

On the Assets tab it displays the actual price. This price is updated every minute.