[FOLLOW UP] 'transaction history reporting' feature/product

Hey all,

Starting this thread because the discussion has gotten pretty sprawling. if i recall rightly, @andrey and some other members discussed and agreed that it would be a community effort. if that’s still true -

who is currently working on this? what do you need?

the core team will supply a very simple CSV export function, with dates, quantities, asset types, and tx types. hopefully these basic elements will support other products that can cater to more specific needs (tax reporting for specific countries/states and so on).

Feel free to leave comments/requests below. we have a really intense roadmap this quarter, so essentials only please!


Great :slightly_smiling_face:

This was the ask that was being made by multiple in the community, “have a csv export” that could be used for tax purposes and twice this was indicated by @andrey that this should be done by the community and core team would not do this because of all the other work committed to. I believe that some people had started working on this? @brico84? @Thriftinkid worked on this already and posted his update here. I’m not sure if others had started anything? Tax reporting feature

Personally this seems like a great feature for the core team to provide because there are probably more exiting features that the community can build. But it just seems unfortunate if community members already invested time into this because of the previous direction that the core team would not be doing this development. :man_facepalming:

CSV export feature is definitely needed. Anything being done at this moment by me is basically a bandaid until it exists.


Hm. I think most products would rely on/benefit from an export function - and there currently isn’t a way to do that from the app.

As @thriftinkid indicates, this is an initial building block that needed to get done, so the community can build their own fully fledged products. It’s unlikely at this point in time that the core team will build anything more advanced than the essentials i detailed above.


Hey everyone, as promised, our devs are currently working on the CSV export function for user.

We would like to know exactly what information is most needed that you want to have in the CSV file, so devs can work on it well.

Leave your comment below please. Thanks all! :point_down:


I mentioned Cointracker site for US tax payers months ago. This is its CSV format for exchange and wallets without automated import support.


This is its explanation:

and this is a guidance for 2021: https://www.cointracker.io/blog/crypto-tax-guide

finally, this is my referral :slight_smile: https://www.cointracker.io/i/jSWxMIXcF4wT


Thanks for the suggestion. We forwarded your feedback to devs.
@binh will follow this thread and ask questions when needed.


Excellent list @abduraman! Thanks so much for working on this team @Ducky and team !


Hi :duck: thank you for coordinating this important feature

  • Do you have an estimated date for the export feature to be released?
  • After the team decides which data will be exported, could you share the columns with us? (before release)
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Hi the exporting is in progress

  • The estimated date is 03/18/2021.
  • We will use the same column format with Cointracker.

The data will be exported:

  • Sent/Received
  • Shielded/Unshielded
  • Mined (vNode)
  • Traded

I’m beyond impressed by the reactivity of the team. Thank you so much for implementing the feature.

One small question though: will the data from the provide section (such as provision deposited, provision withdrawn and reward withdrawn) be included in the exported data?
Edit: forgot to mention it because it doesn’t concern me (yet) but will the data also include pNode earnings?


This is just GREAT!!! Thank you team for doing this!!

Yes, the transactions from PROVIDE is the most important if someone is reporting their rewards from providing liquidity. It’s perhaps one of the most important things.

Yeah. We will also include provide in the report.


Are we on track to release this feature tomorrow?


I’m sorry to inform that reporting will be delayed until next Tuesday (March 23).


We uploaded new release to Play Store/App Store. It has been in review. We will publish it after its review ended. If you’re using Android, you can pre-access the release with the apk file on our github.


@tien, great that this feature is released now! I look forward to using it. When will this be feature available on the main app available on the Play Store? Currently it is v4.1.6 for me.

@tien, one additional question: Where does one go in the app to export the csv? I don’t see it in the v4.2.0 app, but maybe I am just not looking in the right place?