[Fixed] All trades failing

Anyone else having problem with pDex? I have entered 7 trades in a row and all of them failed. Any ideas?


Having the same issue. Sent a message to @Peter for help. I also noticed that the price on incscan is lower than what PDex shows, by nearly 10 cents.


Yes, some people are having problems right now. @Support should help us soon. :slight_smile:


Same issue here as well.


There has been discussion on why incscan and pDEX shows different pricing and apparantly incscan is the only source of truth. That’s why I think our push to list on coinmarketcap and coingecko are premature…we need our pricing to be accurate. Blockfolio also told me they won’t list without an EXTERNAL price feed as they have had coins manipulate their own price feeds to cause pumps and dumps. That makes sense but this price-mismatch with no exchanges or other externally verified price feed is an issue I hope is solved in the next months.


How is it technically possible, that pDEX and incscan are showing different prices? Isn’t the API interacting with the pDEX directly? Like requesting the data from the pDEX?

That’s my question also @Nubex . There’s no real answer to this other than Incscan is the source of truth :wink:
This was the latest thread highlighting this. Price not matching between interfaces
To me this is a very big issue but not everyone seems to agree. Thanks for asking about it! Let me know if you have any insight.


True, I opened a similar thread about this a week ago :wink: Found a bug in the wallet
Still not solved hmm…

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Since they use different fullnodes.

Your trades enter the network but pDEX rejects them since the app sends the minimum acceptable amount of trades which cannot be acceptable :slight_smile: at the true market prices (see the prices at incscan) to the fullnode. That’s why you can buy PRV but you cannot sell them.


Thank you for the explanation @abduraman. So the problem is attributed to a fullnode error? Or who or what is changing the prices in the pDEX? And why is this happening again and again?

Who runs the fullnodes? Just the core team? And the person that runs inscan?

Validator nodes are important but so are full nodes. It seems like there should be a plan for the roadmap to decentralize the fullnodes.

  • Is there a protocol level incentive to run a full node or just a validator node?
  • Also, what is the size of the incognito full chain and approx how much is it increasing every month?

All my prv to btc trades are failing. Also I lost a small amount of prv on each failed trade. See image for details.Screenshot_2020-09-07-20-43-40

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Same issue

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It’s fixed.



Validator nodes are fullnodes. Any person who has 1750 PRV can host their own validator node and be a part of the network.

Yes. Validators / fullnodes receive random rewards for supporting and being part of the network.

Are you referring to how many transactions are processed or how many fullnodes there are? Both of these things can be found on the unofficial network explorer located: incscan.io

The specific issue with trades appears to be the fullnodes that the app relies on to interact with Incognito chain. There has been talk to implement other fullnodes within the app to prevent this in the future. Please note this is not an issue with the network just specifically the app.

Hi everyone, the server for the trading feature of the app was behind the fullnode. So, the price of the pDex is not updated. When the actual price is different from your expected price, the trade will be failed and funds will return to your balance.

Thank you @abduraman and @Jared for the input.

It was fixed and you can trade normally now. We will monitor these things more carefully to avoid such cases in the feature. Thank you for your patience.

@marko everyone can build and run their own fullnode. Now, we just need a way to switch to your own fullnode as being mentioned here: How to use my own fullnode on the mobile app?


Hi @Peter, does this problem regarding different prices on wallet and real prices on trade still exist ? The recommend way is to look on balances on each pair directly on blockchain ?

Hi @pfrp the bug in this post was fixed. You can continue your concern in this post to get the latest update: [Unsolved] Pdex bug (loss of user funds after a trade)

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