Fix Liquidity Pools BNB[BSC]/PRV & XMR/PRV?

Is there anything that can be done to fix the BNB(BSC)-PRV and XMR-PRV liquidity pools? Right now if you wanted to add 1 BNB, you would also need to add 7 BILLION PRV. For 1 XMR, you would also need to contribute 140 BILLION PRV…

I don’t have much, but I was trying to see if I could somehow help… Thought if I traded a little BNB for PRV that would help, but swap is showing that it would use XMR > BTC > PRV path, so I’m guessing it would go into the XMR-BTC pool instead.

So - is there a way the pools can be fixed?

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I think @yoo raises a very good point. A telegram group member raised this problem a week ago, but there has been no reply from the dev team.

This project runs long with many technical achievements, but the lack of communication makes me question: “Are our retail users their target?”. They even add an unshield fee 0.3% without a single announcement (even CEXs do better than that, and they charge a fixed blockchain fee, not a fractional fee)

It would now be 2.2 TRILLION PRV if you wanted to provide 1 BNB to the BNB(BSC)-PRV pool or 7.2 TRILLION prv to add 1 XMR to the XMR-PRV pool

I’ve pinged the devs regarding this, we should have a response tomorrow.