Fix Liquidity Pools BNB[BSC]/PRV & XMR/PRV?

Is there anything that can be done to fix the BNB(BSC)-PRV and XMR-PRV liquidity pools? Right now if you wanted to add 1 BNB, you would also need to add 7 BILLION PRV. For 1 XMR, you would also need to contribute 140 BILLION PRV…

I don’t have much, but I was trying to see if I could somehow help… Thought if I traded a little BNB for PRV that would help, but swap is showing that it would use XMR > BTC > PRV path, so I’m guessing it would go into the XMR-BTC pool instead.

So - is there a way the pools can be fixed?

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I think @yoo raises a very good point. A telegram group member raised this problem a week ago, but there has been no reply from the dev team.

This project runs long with many technical achievements, but the lack of communication makes me question: “Are our retail users their target?”. They even add an unshield fee 0.3% without a single announcement (even CEXs do better than that, and they charge a fixed blockchain fee, not a fractional fee)

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It would now be 2.2 TRILLION PRV if you wanted to provide 1 BNB to the BNB(BSC)-PRV pool or 7.2 TRILLION prv to add 1 XMR to the XMR-PRV pool

I’ve pinged the devs regarding this, we should have a response tomorrow.

I’m having the same problem with the BNB-PRV pool, but that isn’t the only problem. It’s also showing a 0 balance for the BNB, although the PRV balance is correct.

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@Jared you said you would have a response by tomorrow, 5 days ago…

Any response?

I dunno whether the team did (probably they are) but liquidity in XMR/USDT pair was increased much 1-2 days ago. FYI.

Sorry for the delay. The devs have been rather busy lately. I’ve reminded them and there should be an update soon.

Two new pools were created and are active now on the app.

:monero: <> :tether:
:monero: <> :prv:

Everyone can add liquidity to these and earn trading fees. :raised_hands:

Any word on the BNB (BSC) - PRV liquidity pool?

I’ve reached out to the devs regarding other pools that are unbalanced.

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Thank you Jared. I assume you noticed, but just in case FTM & Matic pools are pretty unbalanced too. Thanks again!

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