[Finished] Vote for our July community builders!

Check out the final results :point_right: Builder Rewards Results (July)

Voting has officially kicked off for July Builder Rewards! Now is the time to reward our builders who have created amazing products for the project and community. More votes mean more rewards for your favorite builder, so…

Follow the vote and cast yours here!

Haven’t heard about the Builder Rewards program yet? Check it out.

Who’s eligible to vote?

If you are TL2 or TL3 as of 24 July (currently a Member or Regular), we have distributed July vote tokens (ticker: JLT) to the Incognito address added in your profile. To view your token, remember to add JLT to your assets list!

Don’t know what Trust Level 2 or Trust Level 3 means? Here’s more info, as well as how to reach higher levels. If you aren’t yet eligible this month, we hope you’ll join us next month!

How to vote?

Here’s a walkthrough of how to vote for our July Builders.

What to vote on?

Here are the eligible products, along with their voting pages. Browse through them for details on each product, as well as the builder’s respective voting address.

  1. Network Explorer by @inccry
  2. Nito - Telegram Bot by @Josh_Hamon
  3. Node Watcher by @raz
  4. Stake Reward Calculator by @Bruno
  5. Spotlight Website by @raz
  6. Web Wallet by @taind
  7. Platform for building privacy applications by @incsmile

Be sure to try out all these cool products, consider which you think is most deserving of your vote, and have your say! Every vote cast increases rewards for your favorite builder, so your vote really makes a difference.

And of course, do leave lots of feedback on these pages and strike up a conversation with our builders. It’s a great way to contribute to the Incognito ecosystem, even if you’re not a developer yourself.

Voting will close on 31 July, and final results will be announced on 1 August.

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Check out for July Results and move on to August Builders Rewards.


I dont have received a vote token yet. Could you please check, thx.

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Hey @sato, we will check again to make sure the tool is running well, and you’ll receive JLT soon if haven’t yet. :slight_smile:


Great, thank you @Ducky :slight_smile: