[Finished] To prelaunch Quest players: more on spin fees

Update (12.10.20) This airdrop has been completed.

Hi everyone – thank you for your thoughtful comments, feedback, criticism and support over the past few days. There have been many valid viewpoints.

Yes, 0.08 PRV is small, but it’s still an unexpected addition that changes the conditions under which people chose to play the game.

Yes, we did announce it ahead of the launch, but many people also played prior to the announcement.

Quest got a great deal bigger than we thought, and we had to adapt to unexpected circumstances very quickly. It’s been hectic for us, and confusing for you. We apologize for the sloppy roll out and poor communication.

For those of you who were disappointed – we understand fully, and empathize with you. We only divested so many resources into Quest because we wanted this to be fun for everyone – a lighthearted, playful product after a long year of very serious work. So we’re also disappointed that due to a few malicious players, we couldn’t execute the game as originally designed.

But instead of continuing to waste resources fighting about it, we’ve decided to just keep making it fun.

What’s next

We will be sending up to 4 PRV (50 free spins) to every unique device playing the game between 17 to 24 November (date of prelaunch to when the fees were announced). This should be enough to allow you to utilize all the QUEST you earned if you unlocked every single chest over that time period.

If you found a QR code during the prelaunch, you will receive PRV to comfortably cover your spin fee. (Added for clarity: 1 QUEST = 0.08 PRV). Thanks for playing. We hope the wheel is kind to you!

If you found a QR code and duplicated your rewards (whether via intentionally malicious methods or not), you will also receive PRV to cover your spin fee – but you will be receiving the same amount as users who only scanned their codes once. If something extra does make its way to you… well, just spread the love. Donate some to incoming newbies, tip a builder, or at least pet a puppy or something.

You will all receive PRV in your Anon keychain (Account 0 for the originals). Needless to say, don’t uninstall the app unless you have backed up your private keys. We will not be able to help you recover it, and will only be able to send PRV to currently active wallets.

I’ll update you here when distribution is complete. Thank you for continuing to be patient.

In the meantime, new clues will be released tomorrow, so happy questing!


Nice support for all of us

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You’re gonna make cry :sob:.

Thanks for the comprehension, lovely team of Incognito :black_heart:. You are the best crypto project in the world.


Well done, team!!

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Great way of handling what I see as a “good problem”! Another reflection of the long term commitment and customer satisfaction orientation of the core team! Way to go Incognito!! :clap: :raised_hands:


I need help I unlocked Chests and on the 26th i went to use my spins and when i click the center spin button on the wheel all that happens is a screen that says REQUEST SEND TEXT then it has a papp url address then a to address amount 1 quest , fee info. How do i use my spins its like it just freezes. My app is up to date Please help ?

That is the correct screen to use the spins, keep in mind a spin is a transaction so you must make the transaction for the spin to happen. In this case i believe the issue is related to the screen size. We are working on a fix, in the meantime, some users have mentioned that they worked around this issue adjusting the screen size on their mobile device. Could you try that, see if the temporary fix helps you spin?

Fair enough, thanks Team


Wow thanks guys! This is an expected surprise! :sunglasses:

I suppose if you bought quest you will not get spin fee’s refunded heh. It was a great quest still!

When we can receive refund?

This is great, thank you!

Till not received 4PRV, when we can get it?

Hey @Gleek, we’re now finalizing the list of users’ addresses to execute the distribution. Once it’s done, we will give a proper update to this topic, so everyone can keep track on the progress.

Ps: I saw you also made a same post to the other prize topic, so I removed it for sake of a tidy room btw. :wink: All information about this spin fee support will be updated here.


Thanks for ur information, now we have many topics about quest and fee, then it might make me a little bit confused

Oh I see. So let me make a quick summary here so that you can catch up more easily :relaxed:


Too great, we have more quests and hope that we can receive free spins on time

Very useful, hope we can do the lotto spin soon

You mean the BTC lottery final round, right? If so, the BTC lottery will only be launched once 21k BTC lotto are fully distributed. So…let’s invite more friends to the game :laughing: :love_you_gesture:

oh my goodness, I thought it was 21k quest tokens :cold_sweat: