[Finished] September Builder Rewards: Let’s cast your vote!

Check out the final results :point_right: Builder Reward Results (September).

Welcome to the official September Builder Rewards!


Thank you all for taking part in the preliminary user poll. As stated in the eligibility criteria, all products that have 10 or more active users will now become the official candidates of this month’s Builder Rewards. Congratulations!!! :tada: :tada:

Here are our September candidates

  1. Nito - Telegram bot by @Josh_Hamon
  2. Light Shadow Box - Web wallet by @taind
  3. Incognito Earnings Tracker by @Thriftinkid
  4. Pstore.app - Platform for building privacy applications by @incsmile
  5. Stake Reward Calculator by @Bruno
  6. Prv.finance - Web wallet by @raz
  7. Node Watcher by @raz
  8. Multisig wallet by @incsmile
  9. WIC - Desktop wallet by @Isyyyy
  10. Network Explorer by @Inccry

Have yet to use any of these products? Head to Builders/Community, where you’ll be able to try them all out and join in the conversation with the community.

See a product you like? Show them your support by casting your vote for your favorite products! :point_down:

Related information

1. How do I vote?

:point_right: If you’re new to Builders Rewards and not familiar with the voting process, check out these detailed instructions here >

2. How do I monitor the live voting results?

:point_right: Follow the scorecard here >

3. Who’s eligible to vote?

If you’ve earned Member and Regular badges (meaning having attained Trust Level 2 and 3) by Sep 23, you will be eligible to vote.

September vote tokens (ticker: SPT) should have already been distributed to your Incognito address. Please check your balance, then cast your vote for the product you believe is the most deserving.

:point_right: How do I attain TL2 and TL3? Check out this explanation.

Voting will close on Oct 1, 10AM UTC. Final results will be posted on Oct 2.

It’s now in your hands

Each of your votes will directly increase the reward the builders receive, and support them in their plans for more useful products in the future.

Cast your vote now! > :muscle: