[Finished] October Builder Rewards: Vote now!

Check out the final results :point_right: Builder Rewards Results (October)

Welcome to the official October Builder Rewards! :tada: :tada:

It’s the 4th week of the month and prime-time for builder voting is here. If you’ve been following the Builder Rewards program through the past months, you know that this is a good chance to credit and support your favorite builders for their hard work.

This month, we’re thrilled to have 3 more useful products to join the family. NitoWhaleBot notifies you of whale (large) trades, and ENSI Telegram Bot helps you manage your node earnings easily. A Python API library for the Incognito SDK has also been built to support builders on the backend. :muscle:

To get an idea of who you’d like to vote for, you can browse through this month’s qualifying candidates:

October candidates

  1. Network Explorer by @inccry
  2. Nito - Telegram bot by @Josh_Hamon
  3. Light Shadow Box - Hold and swap crypto by @taind
  4. Incognito Earnings Tracker by @Thriftinkid
  5. Pstore.app - Platform for building privacy applications by @incsmile
  6. Stake Reward Calculator by @Bruno
  7. Prv.finance - Web wallet by @raz
  8. Multisig wallet by @incsmile
  9. WIC - Desktop wallet by @Isyyyy
  10. NitoWhaleBot by @abduraman
  11. ENSI Telegram Bot by @J053
  12. Python API for Incognito SDK by @abduraman

How to vote

You can find step-by-step instructions here. Follow the steps to cast your votes for your favorite builder.

Want to keep up with live voting results? Check out the scorecard >

Who can vote

As usual, TL2 and TL3 community members should have received October vote tokens (ticker: OCT) in the Incognito address associated with your profile page at we.incognito.org. If you’ve got OCT, you’re eligible to vote.

  • If you haven’t seen your token, remember to manually add OCT to your asset list.

  • If you’re wondering how to attain a higher Trust Level, check out this explanation.

  • And… if you’re not eligible for this month’s vote, we hope to see you next month! :slight_smile:

Voting will close on November 3rd. Final results will be announced November 4th.

Have a happy Halloween and make someone’s month with Builder Rewards! :slight_smile:

Cast your vote now >


Why the new proyects are not on the top of the list? I mean, there are others like Nito that are like half a year old and are still appearing first.

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How would you structure the projects ?

  • by time of adding ?
  • time of submitting monthly update ?
  • number of active users ? By voting ?
  • any other criteria ?

Hi Andrey, sorry for being late.
I think I would put them like this:
1.- New proyects by date of release
2.- The ones that got updates
3.- (Optional, I guess) The other ones that have not been updated in the month but have a decent amount of active users


Thanks, @Leonardo_Arguello, what about a project that hasn’t been updated and has no users ?) @Ducky wanted to ask other builders feedback on it)

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In that case, its developer should pay some listing fee to Incognito, for being listed on the voting page :crazy_face:

Aside from the joke, to me, alphabetically listing would be better. After this rule, all the new projects may start with the letter A :joy: This would be another story.

Hi @Leonardo_Arguello, sorry for my late response :see_no_evil:

Actually, I didn’t consider about the appearance order of projects while posting this announcement. But your suggestion is really helpful though. I will take into account this aspect for the next voting, maybe let’s try with this order:

  • New product by launch date.
  • New features updates.

Regarding projects that have not been updated throughout the month, or users’ concerns/questions have not been properly answered by the owners, we might need to re-think about their quality and update the eligibility criteria appropriately.

As what @andrey mentioned earlier, I will have a dedicated post to ask for more inputs from our community about this consideration soon.

Thank you for your suggestion! :wink: :raised_hands: