[Finished] December Builder Rewards: Vote for your favorite builders

Hey! Check out the final results here :point_right: Builder Reward Results (December)

Voting has officially kicked off for the last month of the year! It’s time to once again reward our builders who have created amazing privacy products.

Who’s eligible to vote

Following the new rule introduced with November’s vote, only trust level 3 members are eligible. If you were TL3 (Regular) as of December 27th, we’ve distributed December vote tokens (ticker: DCT) to your Incognito address. Make sure that you’ve added DCT to your assets list so you can see your balance.

Trust levels recognize engaged community members as trustworthy, experienced guides. How to increase your trust level >

How to vote

Here’s a walkthrough of the voting process.

Check in on live voting results >

What to vote for

Below is the list of eligible products, linked to their December vote profiles. Browse through them for details on each product, as well as the builder’s respective voting address.

  1. pDEX Lana Bot by @J053
  2. Incognito Bank - Discord Bot by @Revolve
  3. Incognito Discord Bot by @cusdt.eth
  4. Incognito x Telegram integration by @q9656296
  5. Incognito x Signal integration by @Andireuter
  6. Convy - The Incognito convert helper by @Sato
  7. ENSI Telegram Bot by @J053
  8. IncogWhaleBot by @Abduraman
  9. Python API for Incognito SDK by @Abduraman
  10. Earnings Tracker by @Thriftinkid
  11. LSB - Wallet Extension by @Taind
  12. pStore - platform for building privacy apps by @Incsmile
  13. Nito - Telegram bot by @Josh_Hamon
  14. Network Explorer by @Inccry

:sunglasses: As a Regular, you’re responsible for the final results of this vote. Be sure to carefully try out all these cool products, and consider which you think is most deserving of your vote. Every vote cast directly increases the reward your favorite builder receives, so your vote really matters!

And to anyone who is neither a builder nor a TL3 member, you can still participate! If you have feedback on these products, feel free to strike up a conversation with builders and community members around your experiences with the different products.

Voting will close on January 5th, and final results will be announced on January 6th.

Browse all products >

Vote now >

Note: December will be the last month of this 7-month builder rewards experiment with open voting. In January 2021, we’ll publish a summary of the results and our thoughts on the builder rewards program, as well as the new criteria for funding. :blush:


We have a few more regulars this month–45 eligible voters it appears. These people: https://we.incognito.org/badges/3/regular

I have no idea how to vote this month as I don’t use 12 out of 13 of these products. Good luck to all!

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Done! For the first time!


Please try some of the products,
we as builders need feedbacks to keep moving.


Hey everyone!

I’m apologize for missing this Incognito Discord bot product from the candidate list this month. :frowning: It’s a pretty useful product and deserved for the list.

However, it’s impossible to make any amendment to the live voting tool, once the data is made, it’s unchangeable. So if anyone finds this product of @cusdt.eth helpful, and would like to cast your votes for him, please send your DCT tokens to this address:

vote discord

This’s a totally new address which was just created to especially receive votes for incog (Incognito Discord bot). When the voting closes, I will provide the real-time screenshot of the balance to see how many votes this owner receives.

Sorry for this inconvenience, and thank you everyone for trying this way!


Whoa. Thanks! @Ducky

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Since Ducky has not taken my last DM post into account, I will write my objection here too.

(from Builder Rewards - what every builder must know! (Eligibility criteria))

Sorry @cusdt.eth. This is not about you or your product. This is about fairness. In fact, although my products usually receive the least votes, I’ve been against such a pre-elimination for participation:

But my opposition was not accepted.

(from Builder Rewards - what every builder must know! (Eligibility criteria))

Ok, no problem. Everyone has different view. I (and some others) have shared my code to make my products eligible. I didn’t request any exception and abuse the rules:

Although I’ve released another product (abduraman - InQuery - In Cognito We Query) in the last month, even I haven’t “asked” whether they could add my product to the team since it does not satisfy one of two criteria: 1- It is not open-source. 2- It does not have 100 users.

Yet no problem. However, Ducky has added discord bot with “81” users (less than “100” users and possibly less users at the inspection time) to the voting list today. I’ve made an objection to this. I’ve requested her to add either both (my product and discord bot) of them or none of them. To me, as a defender of positive justice (if other builders accept too), both of them should have been added to the list.

She gave some other (imho unrelated) excuses and then didn’t give any other response against my 2nd message. I think silence in the negative/tough situations is related to East culture (In my country (Turkey), people also behaves similarly). I previously had written such silences (not just from Ducky) and also stated that silence wasn’t an “answer”. Anyway, I just wanted to write FYI and I have no expectation.


Hey @abduraman,

It’s always touching for reading your sharing. Thanks for always keeping following up with every single movement of the project and giving your opinions. That’s essential indeed.

Just wanna clarify that I didn’t either ignore your DM or pre-eliminate your project from the vote. I have no reason to do that. It was just my unintentional negligence when I checked your DM but forgot to give an answer timely. Sometimes it happens and make us unfocused on we’re intending to do. That might give you a feeling that I ignored you. I hope you will accept my apology for that.

About being silent, yes, just a tiny sharing that I’m personally a type of people who prefer keeping silent when needed. For what? For taking things into account and considering about them carefully before starting to speak up. I think that could be a good way for me to reduce as much as possible the hurt to listeners :wink: :joy: So at this point, I hope you can bear with me for this habit.

About the said case, I didn’t find it a negative or tough situation at all. It’s known as the last month for the Builders program with the current format: open vote. As a results, before switching to a new format with may be stricter rules (we will keep everyone updated soon), we expect that all community builders who are building useful products for the community, and remain being active on their projects will be added to the list and get the fund as a incentives for their effort.

@cusdt.eth really makes it. He builds a very helpful discord where members who are familiar with discord structure can find it a home. I’ve personally taken some times to join in and discover the product to make sure it works. People are active there and keep discussing things together. Other than all of these, the owner is keeping delivering more features that he believes they’ll be useful for users. Cool right?

81 users didn’t meet the requirement of 100 active users, but in terms of a new project, it should be an impressive number I think. It proves that people welcome the project and use it.

That’s why I decided to add Incognito Discord bot to the list. There’s nothing about being biased or trying to make the program negative for participation (if not, we might just easily decide to stop the program earlier and no need to figure out some better ways to support community builders :slight_smile: ) .

At the end of the day, I just hope that you wouldn’t be so disappointed for this decision. Really didn’t expect to have any negative struggling with each other as we all want to build a strong incognito ecosystem, and your feedback is always worthy of a consideration, Abduraman. Much appreciated!

Looking forward to seeing more improvements for your current and future projects. Happy New Year! :wink:


This is an interesting topic because I use products that both @abduraman and @cusdt.eth developed and I find them useful and fun to use. I agree that the rules should be followed, and modified when they aren’t what was intended originally while letting all know ahead of time to plan/develop accordingly. Based on this @Ducky, I look forward to seeing what improvements are coming for the new developer program as I would like to get involved too, and have some ideas :wink:

Unfortunately I don’t have the status to cast votes yet, but I do have the ability to cast my PRV where I see that there is value! @Ducky, will there be a component of the new developer program that allows for individuals to fund projects that they see value in?


hey @RobynFitzooth, I believe that some builders provide their tipping addresses, so if you love and wans to support the owners’ efforts, you can send some tips. :wink:

For i.g: let’s check some proposals here
abduraman - InQuery - In Cognito We Query
pDEX Lana Bot (Telegram)
Convy - Your personal Incognito Helper Bot


Perfect, thank you @Ducky. I’ll tune in on Friday to the PRV holders call to find out about how the new developers program will look! :grinning: