[Finished] App paused to deploy a new smart contract flow (Sept 15th 22:00 ET - Sept 16th 10:00 ET)

Hi everyone,

We are going to deploy a new smart contract interaction flow from Sept 15th 22:00 ET - Sept 16th 10:00 ET. This will optimize the deployment of new features, and increase operational efficiency.

Here’s more information: New smart contract interaction flow

During this time, all functions in the app will be temporarily paused: shield, unshield, send, trade, stake, withdraw earnings, provide liquidity and so on.

This upgrade is expected to complete within 12 hours, after which all features will be fully functional. Users will still be able to do API calls, but we highly recommend not doing so during this time period. Using outdated code could cause calls to be unsuccessful and funds to be lost.

For validators and providers, this pause will not impact earnings.

We will send a push notification to inform you when this upgrade starts, and another to let you know when it is complete. We will also post updates under this topic.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Thank you for your patience!


Hey guys - the smart contract upgrade has begun! See you all in 12 hours.

note: if you are currently in the app, things will appear as per normal, but it is not recommended to take any actions as they are likely to turn up unsuccessful. just close your app to sync up with the ongoing upgrade.

Along with this upgrade, the upcoming app release will also come with a few helpful features, such as the unshield + send merge, option to hide unverified coins, show balance when sending, and the ability to send directly to smart contract addresses.

More deets here >

Thanks as always for your support!


I see some trades. Is everything OK? @Peter @ning

Those are API sent trades.
So any external connections could still be working. I am not sure who that would be as I thought uniswap and others were also suspended. So maybe it’s the team triggering their own trades while everyone else is blocked.

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I thought this but they said that the funds might be lost. I had wondered who took the risk :slight_smile: As you said, maybe they test the new setup.