[Finished] App paused for scheduled maintenance (Sept 9th 22:00 - Sept 10th 01:00 ET)

Hi all,

Update: This maintenance was finished. The app is functional from Sept 10th 03:00 ET.

The Incognito App will undergo scheduled maintenance from Sept 9th 22:00 - Sept 10th 01:00 ET.

During this time, all functions in the app will be temporarily paused: shield, unshield, send, trade, stake, withdraw earnings, provide liquidity and so on.

The update should take no longer than 3 hours or so, after which all features will be fully functional. For validators and providers, this pause will not impact earnings.

We will send a push notification to inform you when this update starts, and another to let you know when it is complete.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Thanks!


Good to know :smiley: thank you
Which updates will be made?


Will API calls be disabled? @annie

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Hey @abduraman Ive been informed that at one point during redeployment all will pause for a few minutes, so it is better that you do not do API calls.

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@annie I’d like to request that you also post here when the upgrade is finished.

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Sure @marko. Once it finishes, I will update the post.

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Hi everyone, the maintenance is finished. All functions in the app are back to normal now.
Thank you for your patience.