[FINISHED] App functions paused to deploy improvements (Jan 7, 23:00 UTC to Jan 8, 12:00 UTC)

Update: The upgrade is finished. Please go to the appstore/ google play to get the latest version.
Link to update app >

Hi everyone,

We would like to keep you all informed that an update will be deployed tomorrow, from Jan 7, 23:00 UTC to Jan 8, 12:00 UTC.

When this is complete, a new app release will be made available, which improves pDEX for those who want more control over their trading experience. You’ll be able to speed up trade execution, adjust slippage tolerance, etc. More info here >

This release will also improve performance for other major features, and fix a few resistant bugs.

During this time, the Shield, Unshield, Provide and Trade functions in the app will be temporarily paused. Node and Provide earnings will continue as usual.

:warning: We highly recommend not doing any API calls during this period to avoid any potential issues that may arise.

This is expected to complete within 13 hours, after which all functions in the app will be fully functional, and the new release will be made available.

We will send a push notification and post a bulletin in the app to inform you when this begins, and another to let you know when it is complete. We will also post updates under this topic.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Thank you for your patience!


Real-time update

Shield, Unshield and Provide functions resume now. Only Trade remains paused till 12:00 UTC.

We will continue updating when all functions are back to normal.


Final update

Hey everyone, the deployment is done. There are also new updates for the Incognito wallet app. Please go to the appstore/ google play to get the latest version and enjoy the upgrade. :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Here’s more information about the pDEX improvement: App v.4

Thank you all for being patient!


Provide withdrawals still stuck??

How is your case? Is there a provision withdrawal pending for more than 3 days?

Its been snowing pending since earlier today

Yes a provision withdrawal

Peter have you been waiting 3 days?

Hey @LEWIS023, rewards withdrawal usually go through instantly, while original provision withdrawal might take up to 3 days to proceed.

Please refer to this post for more info: Provide


Please enter the network fee manually


Great! Could you please also point the link the APK?

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Hey Jose, check this post for the full update links: Featured Products :wink: