Fiat onramp July 2022

I’ve searched all the topics about on ramping Fiat into incognito. It appears at one point that you could do this through MyConstant. Is this still available, and if so how is it done? I have had MyConstant for some time now but have never been able to figure this out. If it is not still available what is the best way to get assets into incognito? Is it merely shielding a stable coin?

Thank you in advance.

No longer available

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So what’s the most anonymous way to obtain a coin like usdt to shield?

You can search for local crypto ATMs, there are websites that’l show you where are the nearest one on the map. Last time I’ve checked some of them still only ask you for your phone number (you don’t have to give them your actual number ). Thats pretty expensive option, but that’s the price to pay for non KYC I guess. Bisq or local monero is another option (never used that).

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