Feedback on the new pDEX

UI is clear. Thanks but I need/like two features of the old pDEX:
1- Estimated amount
2- Pool size

If you put them into the swap page (not preview order page) again, I would be so glad.

Another UX thing is that making copy-paste available for swap amounts would be awesome.


Thanks! Always good to have your feedback. I’ll make a note of this and consult with the team.


I agree with this. It was handy and reassuring to see the pool size at a glance.

Additionally, while I like the slippage warning for low liquidity pools–it’s a huge step in the right direction–my fear is that new users won’t know what “slippage” means. Maybe a second sentence, like, “You will lose value on this trade,” or something more descriptive would be good.


agreed on that - we are changing it to remind people to check the price they are getting.


Well in my opinion, will be useful a categorized network fee, in where you can choose 3 different network fees, to increase the velocity of your trade, like fast, normal or slow.


noted, thanks! in the future when there are more trades/transactions, this will be useful.

for now, network fees are minimal, and as we learnt from experience - these options increase likelihood of confusion. so we stripped it back for a cleaner experience.


@ning I have some new findings, questions and requests.

1- The network fee was fixed for all trades after the new pDEX. It is 4e-6 PRV. However, when I check out the explorer, I see the transaction fee as 2e-9 PRV. One of my trade transactions:

Region capture 61

Where did 3998e-9 (=4e-6 minus 2e-9) PRV go? How can I see that amount in the explorer?

2- Today I requested PRV-USDT trades twice but pDEX refunded both. How can I find the refund reason with an explanation?

3- The balance (red circle) in the swap page is not updated by sliding down even after enough waiting for the execution. In my case, I slided down the page 1 hour later after the trade.

4- Could you provide the users with prices of both sides for Max Price (yellow line)? I mean PRV/USDC (x) and USDC/PRV (1/x). In fact, USDC/PRV is the min price but I hope you see my point :slight_smile:

5- Could you provide the users with the id of the trade transaction in Order History page?

6- When I want to buy PRV, the network fee is deducted from the base amount. I think, you do this in case the user has not any PRV in her account. Could you do this optional? I prefer paying the network fees in PRV.


@ning One solution for the UX could be to provide an “Advanced Settings” drop down at bottom of trade screen, to bring back full interaction and data presentation to those who need/want it, and keep the interface simple and clean for a new user that might be confused.

I would appreciate such an option, but do truly understand the need to keep overall experience simplified.


hey @abduraman, thanks for this.

  1. currently, this fee is fixed slightly higher to account for different eventualities and ensure the trade does not fail.

  2. we can only guess the refund reason. the most common tends to be that the rate shifted a significant amount.

  3. we’re looking into this.

  4. 5, 6. i understand your reasoning, but these details were removed for a reason and are unlikely to be re-included in this simplified version. that’s not to remove the possibility of a more ‘advanced’ product offering, but it’s important to get the basics right for now.

@doc, thanks for your note! i think there’s something to be said for different products for different audiences - at this moment, pDEX is unlikely to fully satisfy the needs of ‘advanced traders’ - one of the reasons for the refresh.

a ‘pro’ trading product is definitely not off the table (something that fully commits to the audience it serves), but you know… one step at a time :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for answers @ning. For this question, my concern was not fee. The explorer shows 2e-9 as the transaction fee ok but where does the remaining part of the deducted fee go? To DAO or to liquidity providers or to somewhere else?

I would like to see the pool size back as well. This is how I decided which token/coin to trade for PRV. The added warning is nice but I prefer to see the pool size for myself. At the very least a slippage amount in percent would be a nice addition.

Down the road I would prefer there to be an option as well.

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When selecting a coin to trade it would be cool to have a search option available.

The slippage warning is not visible when the keyboard is displayed on screen…see attached screenshots. This may cause users to miss the warning.

Maybe the warning should be in Bold or changed in some way to stand out more?

I get what you are saying, but I see a lot of topics on here that say, “I tried to send DAI, but my 60 min timer dropped, maybe an estimated fee that says, “choose this fee to avoid any time issues” or something?

Hey - that’s a fair assumption, but the above issue (say, DAI deposit from Ethereum chain) has nothing to do with incognito tx fees that users set. If you’ll note, a shield request doesn’t incur fees from the user side at all. Issues are typically due to congestion on ETH side/insufficient gas fees paid to Ethereum miners/some inefficiency on the Incognito backend.

sorry, might be misunderstanding you - but there is currently already a search option available. see below:

or do you mean it’s not clear from the hint text ‘Select token to sell’ that it’s a searchable field?

:persevere: thanks. i’ll speak with the team about it today.

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I wouldn’t have thought that was a search input based on that text. A better prompt might be “Search tokens” or even just “Search”.


yeah agreed, will change.


hey @abduraman @Kelsomatic @doc, @Gold - thanks for your feedback. we’re gonna bring pool size back. definitely helpful information for traders to make their own decision about slippage and whatnot, and may help liquidity providers make decisions too.


For what it’s worth, this is what that looks for me on my iPad:


I didn’t even know there was text there. The text is so light there’s barely any contrast with the white background.

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