Fee amount when sending between Incognito wallets

I want to send a privacy token from one Incognito wallet to another.
My 3 questions are:

  1. Is it private?
  2. The documentation says that min fee for transaction is 1NANO PRV. At the same time it says “to calculate fee for a transaction we set value in chain at 1nano prv / 1kb size of transaction”. How can I understand how much kilobytes my transaction consists of in order to correctly calculate the fee?
  3. 1 nano PRV is 1.7*10^-9. As for me, it is very small. Do I get it right that in Incognito minimum fee is 0.000000017 usd?
  1. Yes, it’s private
  2. You can estimate a transaction size based on the number of inputs and outputs. Or estimate based on previous transactions. However, the best way is to set a default fee of about 60+ Nano PRV. Then most of your transactions will go through. This number is very small.
  3. Yes, right now it’s true.