February 17, 2020 Weekly Integration Announcement


Incognito is delighted to welcome ten new coin listings to the world’s first private decentralized and permissionless exchange, the Incognito pDEX.

DAI, LINK, KEY, MIOTA, MKR, PAX, FTX, SNX, OMG, ENJ and MCO have been added.

All coins are paired with PRV, Incognito’s native coin, with initial liquidity supplied by Incognito.

Holders of these coins will now have the option to hold a privacy version of their favorite coins and tokens, so they can trade and store their assets in total anonymity.

In order to access privacy versions of these assets, users just need to download the Incognito Wallet, available for both Android and iOS. With it, all coins and tokens can be traded for a privacy equivalent at a rate of 1:1, which gives holders the ability to store, send and receive tokens privately. What’s more, they can swap it back any time they like.

More details about the newly listed coins:

  • Maker’s DAI and MKR. DAI is a stablecoin pegged to the USD that can be used to pay for both goods and services, whereas MKR is an Ethereum token that helps sustain the Maker system.

Pool size: 6.794,2621 pDAI + 13.848,7243 PRV

Website: https://awesome.makerdao.com/

  • Chainlink’s LINK. Chainlink runs a decentralized oracle network that is designed to connect smart contracts on Ethereum with a variety of external sources, systems of payment and APIs. LINK is used as a reward for completing contracts on the blockchain, ensuring its sustainability.

Pool size: 121,9572 pLINK + 1.058,4386 PRV

Website: https://chain.link/

  • Selfkey’s KEY. Selfkey is all about taking back control of one’s identity. It provides a platform that allows people, companies, banks and others to manage their KYC data on a safer, decentralized network that is significantly cheaper than existing solutions.

Pool size: 231.053,6044 pKEY + 999 PRV

Website: https://selfkey.org/

  • MIOTA. Using a one-of-a-kind validation consensus algorithm known as ‘The Tangle’ on its blockchain, IOTA helps different devices facilitate microtransactions on the Internet of Things. The Tangle negates the need for transaction fees, as each transaction requires two verifications for each transaction.

Pool size: 1.880,6607 pIOTA + 999 PRV

Website: https://www.iota.org/

  • Paxos Trust Company’s PAX. PAX is an FDIC-insured erc20 stablecoin token, pegged to the USD. Paxos provide monthly attestations to its users and its token has a circulating supply of over 220m.

Pool size: 500 pPAX + 999 PRV

Website: https://www.paxos.com/pax/

  • FinTruX Network’s FTX. Designed for businesses, FinTruX Network provides a variety of solutions to enhance businesses through risk reduction, credit enhancement and smart contract automation processes.

Pool size: 197,6284 pFTX + 999 PRV

Website: https://www.fintrux.com/

  • Synthetix’s SNX. SNX is the native token of the Synthetix Exchange and is used as collateral by those who stake it to earn fees from facilitating trades. The exchange offers a range of crypto assets that are tied to fiat currencies, precious metals like gold and silver, as well as other tokens.

Pool size: 526,8703 pSNX + 999 PRV

Website: https://www.synthetix.io/

  • Omise’s OMG. Thai company Omise operate an eWallet on the Ethereum blockchain. Providing fund transfers between both blockchains and more traditional forms of payment like SWIFT and VISA, it is designed with real-world application and fast adoption in mind.

Pool size: 393,7007 pOMG + 999 PRV

Website: https://omisego.co/

  • Enjin’s ENJ. Enjin is a company by gamers, for gamers. With over 20 million users of the Enjin Network, it has crafted a whole raft of blockchain-centered tools and services to benefit gamers and businesses in the industry.

Pool size: 4.045,8167 pEMJ + 913,3027 PRV

Website: https://enjin.io/

  • Crypto.com’s MCO. Crypto.com is a blockchain company that provides both a mobile wallet app and prepaid VISA cards for both crypto and fiat currencies. Its MCO token is ERC-20 and native to its payment platform.

Pool size: 84,6023 pMCO + 999 PRV

Website: https://crypto.com/en/index.html

If you haven’t checked out the pDEX yet, you really should! You can add any currency pairing or supply liquidity to earn trading fees, and just to sweeten the deal, there are no listing fees!

Check out the full guide to pDEX trading here


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