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That 1750 PRV remains yours though, and you can unstake at any time. If you have the 1750 already and don’t want to buy a Node, you can get the same effect by running a virtual Node. There is no funded staking option for vNodes, however.

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I’m thinking about a Tree, when they become available…


Visit to our new roadmap for what will be available in 2021. I believe you will find out your Node Tree there :wink:


Even after I download the APK from github (4.3.10) it says that it has an update which I can get from the store. I can’t use the app at all!

Hey @J053, in my understanding you prefer to download the APK from our Github not through the store, correct?
If so, please download the latest APK here, thanks.

Thanks! You should also update the link of the APK button in this post.