Feature request: Fiat conversions in trade window.

Hey All!
I’ve been using incognito for some time now and its been a blast, huge fan of the community, dev team and product.

I’ve noticed that depending on liquidity trades may not be perfectly balanced which is a regular part of trading, but it means i ahve to leave the app to check the numbers on both side of the trade to make sure they line up.

If instead the fiat conversions were made visible next to the trade numbers it would make the whole event smoother.

Tangential it would also be awesome if fiat conversions were made visible on the provide page next to / under the total provided currency. Thats not nearly as valuable as the above though.

Thanks for everything you are doing and for your consideration!



Intoo would appreciate this feature. I often have to double check all trades on coinmarketcap app. This feature would make things easier