FEATURE REQUEST: CSV Reports within the "Trade" area of the app

I would like to suggest a CSV Download button to be added to the “Trade” section within the App. This allows the user to download a CSV of all Swaps, Buy History and Sell History.

The CSV would have these columns:

  • Date/Time
  • Sell Coin (E.g. PRV)
  • Sell Amount
  • Buy Coin (E.g. LTC)
  • Buy Amount
  • Exchange Rate
  • Fee Coin (E.g. PRV)
  • Fee Amount
  • Status (Accepted/Pending/Failed)
  • Exchange (Incognito/other 3rd party…)
  • Request Tx
  • Response Tx

@Jared, Can you please raise this feature request when you next meet with the Incognito Devs?

Thank you.


Hi @Linnovations,

Currently, we are focusing on the web-based app. So, we will implement this feature in early Q4. Thanks for your suggestion. :slight_smile: