FEATURE REQUEST: Allow Users to edit Node IP Address in the App

Hi Incognito Dev Team / @incognito

Here is a Feature Request:

I run several Nodes and when I have a power outage or my Modem resets, my ISP issues me with a new IP address. This is frustrating because this causes the Incognito App to display my node as being offline, and I cannot access them to withdraw rewards. The only fix is to remove each Node one-by-one and then re-add each node using the new IP address.

Only after I do this can I then access my Node to raise a “WIthdraw Rewards” request.

When I swipe left on the “Node Name”, it reveals a red “REMOVE” button.
Please add a Green “EDIT” button the the left of the red button.
Upon tapping the “Edit” button it allows the user to edit the IP Address for the Node.
I feel this will be a big time saver for those who have many nodes and have new IP Addresses issued from time-to-time.

Many Thanks.


There is a small workaround. You could add the nodes via the internal IP address. Although, this only allows you to interact with them from your internal network. You should still be able to withdraw the node rewards even when not on the local network (I haven’t tested this).

I believe it is possible to use a free IP forwarding service as well, although, untested as well.

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I have tried this and used the same PORT number but replaced the external IP address with internal IP address.

But this doesn’t work, what I see is the name of my Node does not come through (it comes up blank) and I have a blue “Import” button next to the Node that I’m trying to add.

Please advise if I’m doing something wrong?

Is this pNode a self-staked or funded stake node?

Please try an IP forward service as well.

Hey @Jared, thanks for your help.
My nodes are self-funded vNodes

As for a IP forward service, I do not know of such a service.
I’m happy to give this a try, any recommendations?

Check out Duck DNS (it’s free) and let me know.


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