Faucet limit and inability to manage your funds

Sorry, completely new to this. Please someone please explain the steps on how to trade or withdraw your funds after your 2 faucet limit has been reached? I have bitcoin that’s losing money at the moment and there’s no way I can quickly do a trade.
Thank you in advance

Hello @Tony_T,

The faucet gives enough funds to make many trades.

If you need more funds from the faucet you could use another (new) wallet address.

My current state is ; I either don’t not have enough prv or funds to complete a transaction.No matter what I do
Creating a new wallet is usually empty and every time I try to move funds between wallets I do get not enough prv to complete. I need a step-by-step faq to move my money out. Maye, I haven’t found a detailed tutorial yet but I need help for sure

Please make a new wallet (or use one you have not previously used) and paste the address into the faucet to receive more funds.

Wait approx. 3 minutes for the funds to show up and then move these funds into the wallet where you would like to make a trade.

Tried that. So here is the sequence. Done with the faucet, got prv. Now Prv is in an empty account(wallet). My assets are in Ina completely different wallet with 0 prv . And that’s when insufficient funds errors start rolling in. Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling. As of right now its my 13th hour working. I just want to get my money out and sleep

Okay click assets > at the top of the page make sure you are on the wallet that has the PRV in it.

Next, click on the Privacy listing that shows the amount. Now click the button marked Send. Fill in the amount and send it to your other Incognito wallet that has the funds you want to withdraw.