"Failed" status in withdraw

Yesterday I was playing around, buying some cheap coins to test the pDEX. So I bought this PERKS, but one got lost because I went to the withdraw wallet and send the PRV it got there to my wallet, only to reilase that to send the PERKS I was asked to have some PRV in that wallet… I tried to send back some PRV, but the coin is stuck, even if I try to manually send it. It is not visible in the wallet anymore.
I know I should’t have try to manually move the withdraw wallet funds, because it do his job automatically, but I was just curious.

Here are some screenshots:

Here is how it looks in the trade section.

Any ideas?

You had sent all your PERKS from your pDEXWithdraw account to another account. So you can’t not retry it in pdex history anymore (You don’t have any PERKS left in your pDEXWithdraw account)

Those PERKS never reached my other account. Instead, they are in a Failed status and not available in any account.

Yeah, I saw failed tx. But I also saw a success tx above it. The success tx at 06 May 01:10 AM. Did you create it?

Yes. I can still use the pDEXWithdraw, even to withdraw PERKS.

So you had sent 1 PERKS using the pDEXWithdraw at 06 May. Is that right?


That is the reason you can’t retry. Because you had sent it manually

This issue still exist.

This issue still exist. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @J053, it’s been a while since your issue happened. I saw that @tien was trying to figure out things for you but look like there’s a misunderstanding here.

Please send me a private message with the Read-only key and Payment address of that Coleccion account, we will clarify it again for you. :wink: