Faded QR code on bottom of pnode

Hey guys how do I re add my pnode if the QR code is faded? I heard I’m able to type in the node Id in the field but don’t know how to find that. Any ideas?

Have you tried using a QR code scanner on your phone to see if it is still able to be scanned?

If that doesn’t work let me know and we can see what we can do.

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The QR code is simply a somewhat faster way to enter the pre-assigned Node ID. The same ID is also printed on the same sticker.

When you are setting up the node (using the existing node option in the app), the app defaults to scanning the QR code. However there is an option to manually enter the Node ID from the QR sticker. Tap that and enter the Node ID (ABCD-123456) from the QR sticker.

Furthermore the Node ID is the same as the linked account name that was automagically created when you first setup the Node. If you also can’t read the text on the sticker, perhaps you have a way to reference that account name from the initial deployment.

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