[expired] New Provide rates (September 16, 2020)

Hi guy, please check out the latest Provide rate here > Changes to Provide

Hey Providers,

As you all know, Provide was created to supply liquidity to the pDEX and channel funds towards the most important pairs. As such, rates will sometimes change depending on the needs of the pDEX.

Here are the new rates, effective September 16, 2020:

PRV: 37% -> 28% APY
BTC: 9% -> 12% APY
XMR: 9% -> 11% APY
ETH: 8% -> 10% APY
DAI: 8% -> 9% APY
USDT: 7% -> 8% APY
USDC: 7% -> 8% APY

We’ll post an announcement in the app bulletin board when these rates are live. Thanks for making pDEX stronger!


I’m glad to see that, although PRV is going down, that the others will be rising slightly.
We all know (or should know) that the high 37% was mainly an introductory percentage and that it had to inevitably come down, but this is a good gradual step and approach. The only thing to make it better would be to introduce it in the bulletin on the app, for people like myself who are now using telegram and this website less and less since the app is running so much smoother than it was months ago :blush:


Yep, will announce closer to the effective date.


It’s always been introductory.

When PRV pool staking was initially released in the Incognito app, APY was 57% then dropped to 52% before dropping again to 37%.

Before PRV pool staking was available in the app, it was available only through Constant. In the very early days on Constant, the APR was 200%, then dropped to 180%, 150%, 130%, 100% and 80% over the span of ~6 months.

It’s a bit amusing watching some folks get their knickers in twist over the current rate, for whatever reason. If 37% is too high to sustain now, some folks might well have been down right apoplectic over the early rates.

All kidding aside, don’t stress too much over the rate and whether it’s sustainable. It’s clearly never been set in stone. It’s not stonks - number go down.

Enjoy the rate today because not far in the future you will be looking back fondly on the days when it was 37%.


Yeah, I forgot about those rates on Constant! Those were the days…I imagine it’ll be in flux and drop down to roughly 12%-15% and stay there, but who knows.
Yeah, not sure why some people freak when it drops, I mean 37% is amazing and I count my blessings every time I can sock away $10-$20 here and there to build on that amazing rate.

Proud of y’all :sunglasses:


It seems like increasing the APY on the other crypto currencies should increase staking and therefore, liquidity. Is that the purpose of increasing the APY in these cryptos? If so, these changes seem appropriate.


Yep, you can also see that the main focus is BTC, XMR. Those networks doesn’t have DEXes at all, so we should use this opportunity to attract enough liquidity to make it interesting for BTC and XMR traders, buyers, sellers.


This is a great strategy, and falls perfectly in line with our goal to attract more wallet users and traders! :slight_smile:


I think that’s good idea for PRV future. 28% PRV Reward so 1750x28%=?? :thinking:

If you want a decent APY calculator you can use:
It’s not compounding quite as fast as Provide but it’s pretty darn close.
Not sure what you mean by 1750x28% unless you only want to leave that much in?


Hey guys, new Provide rates are already in your Incognito app



I love PRV so I still stake PRV only, but btc 12% is really attractive


I love PRV too but I gotta keep my BTC somewhere. Might as well earn on it as well, while helping at the same time.


Hey guys, here a topic with latest updates -> Upcoming changes to Provide

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