Expanding web presence: New websites for the community.

Hey Andrey,

That is a main part of the work. We need a few days minimum to create the first preview with design and a nice user experience.

We could start the work and you don’t have to pay if you don’t like it or before you are satisfied with the preview.

The preview will cost 300 PRV if you want the actual website.

Update: I realized you asked for reference works, so I contacted you in private.


The following comment is a recent reply from a private thread with @andrey

I aimed to create a website which is educational, a starting point for new users, no longer to read than 5-10 minutes.

I proposed this first because I feel an extensive need for a site like this. Currently I should describe Incognito to every new people I talk to, because knowledge is hidden all over the forum and even if there was an all-in-one document, most of the influencers don’t want to spend an hour reading it.
The website would not feature the team or become something like a landing page, but more of a presentation type.

You could reject the project, I would accept it easily and move on to another proposal in the coming weeks.

I feel like I have to build this page anyway, but without a funding it will take more time.

I have read about the team’s background and also downloaded your old landing page from github to check it out, and it was easy to see why it didn’t work. It felt like a sales page for a hardware product.
Incognito is the next-step in crypto, many people I talked to are totally amazed by only the fact that It has a working sharded PoS and how easy it is to manage validators. I am involved in 2 other validator communities and those projects are nuts compared to this technology, still they are much more hyped and understood by people.

I can relate to a goal oriented mindset like yours, “onboarding thousands of technical users” Is what all of us want, but funding this goal is a bit pointless. You could only fund steps toward it.


Hey @raz! I just wanted to check back in and clarify with you.

I like your proposal, but I’m thinking we should have it be something independent. Meaning, it can be done and funded here in the community, and share here, but you/your team can have your own brand that is dedicated to Incognito, driving people here.

Things like the step-by-step guide, reviews, and other content hosted on your websites that drives people here would be awesome. That way more people can come across incognito from a source that isn’t just us promoting ourselves.

Does that make sense? What do you think?


Thank you @aaron, this is a great idea!

I discuss it with my team. We are working on our public appearance now. Our facebook page debuted with 350 followers in a few days. Probably it is a rational thing to do our own Incognito related Brand in collaboration with the core team and community. It could attract more people if we expand beyond the foundation.


I updated the proposal, please check it out. I lowered the funding as it will be a sponsorship, not a sale.

I really like this direction, I hope the core team will like it too.


This case illustrates well why an aggregated informational website is needed: Some in-depth questions

At least 7 questions out of these 13 would be answered by the site.


The thousands of technical users would want an upfront answer to those hard questions, as well, and might feel uncomfortable digging in deep and actively using the project / advocating the project to their friends and colleagues until they have been answered to full satisfaction.

Dealing with these questions upfront and clearly buys us huge legitimacy.

@raz I do a combination of documentation and copywriting for a living.

I’d be glad to work on this proposal with you.

Furthermore, I think we do need a landing page of some kind, to define the project and get users where they need to go.

Look at the top 100 projects on CMC’s web pages. IMO, the ones that do their landing page correctly feature a very sparse landing page that quickly defines the project. Some good examples of this are

You can find many others in the top 100 that follow that basic design, as well. Dropping directly to the forum doesn’t give users that “quick project definition,” which I believe is quite important to have front and center when first visiting incognito.org.


Incognito is different, we are a community and in my opinion the Incognito.org page should stay the same, because this way more people will realize the importance of involvement.

I am really glad you want to help with the copywrite, me and my team definitely need it! :slight_smile:


Moving away from a “standard” landing page was intentional.

We changed from “selling” Incognito, to promoting privacy as a movement.


This is correct and sensible.

Still, consider putting the user’s eyes on a project definition, front and center.

Because most likely, when they first come here, they don’t know what it is.


Incognito is a community dedicated to producing tools that enhance privacy for all cryptocurrency users.


Yep, I am just giving you background. You could say Incognito is a big fan of not going for the mainstream approach but experiment instead. That is where things come from. They are choices, not lack of knowledge/talent.

It is great to have new eyes on the project, and get feedback on every aspect though. The more different views, the completer the picture. Let the discussion continue.


Hey @raz, just want to inform you that your proposal got 3/5 vote, so it’s funded. Please get this started and be sure to send in the update!


Alright, thanks for the support! I forwarded the info to my team and we will start working on it.


Hey @raz could you please share your weekly progress with community by the end of each Friday. So we could openly discuss the progress, achievements and include them in the weekly newsletter in case any milestones are reached.


Sure, friday could work regularly. Thank you!


First update of me and @Bruno

We will continue with the design process and start collaborating with @aaron on the copywrite. We also aim to involve @andrey with his ideas & resources.

A static preview of the actual state:


Hey @raz, its awesome beginning. Let me add some inputs:

  1. Let’s make sure that we are not overlap with initiatives or @mesquka & @inccry with the data they visualize
  2. Let’s define what will be the call to action (CTA) for users who landed on the website? I would suggest to prioritize one CTA and make sure that we does all to convert more user.
  • it can be register on incognito.org
  • download wallet
  • or something else
    I am afraid if there will be many different calls to actions then user can be lost.
  1. If the goal for the website to make somekind of one pager when user in 1-2 min can see and understand big picture of the project. I would suggest to refer to the content on the PRV Holders Presentation Mar 2020 and visualize it in your own way.

  2. Regarding ecosystem part. I would also highlight the products we have, or even did a separated blocks for each key product (with explaining benefits of each)

  • wallet (shielding, confidential transactions, staking)
  • pDEX (trading, adding liquidity, pUniswap, pKyber)
  • Node (powering network, delivering privacy, earning, be part of the movement)
  • Chain (big picture how the chain works, layers, privacy stack, scalability stack, how it interacts with other chains)

I would also separated a page with Issuing own privacy coins and explained the opportunities it opens (tokenization with 100% confidentiality, fundraising - pIEO & pICO, building on top of it)


thanks for this update @raz! it’s a great start.

@andrey - to follow up on your point, i think it’s important that this website remains neutral and adopts an independent tone of voice. if not, we might as well have just have kept the old site up.

the wallet is just the first wallet, for example – some of our other users are already building alternatives. i think a community focused approach would be more valuable, instead of a brochure-like listing of all the core dev team’s products. even if it is just @raz’s own perspective of what’s important for people to know, that to me is more interesting than a rehash of our own existing material.

apart of course from the metrics which are a combined effort by the community, the PRV Holder presentation is very core-team centric (including the vision stated). i’m not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing for the purposes of this proposal. what’s interesting to me about @raz’s proposal is that it has the potential to be the first formalized view of a purely community-created perspective.

imo, this is valuable to the project because it addresses potential blind spots the core dev team might have. incognito is far bigger, and more diverse, than one group’s vision.

@raz, for the reasons listed above, much as @aaron is wonderful, it would be amazing if we could find a non core-dev member to collaborate on copy.

  1. Only validator number will be real-time on this site

  2. My initial idea was to drive traffic to the forum, but maybe downloding the app is a better goal

  3. We used it as a reference, thank you!

  4. Wallet, pDEX and other features of the app will be recorded on my iphone and displayed in the mobile section. chain imo is very technical, we could discuss that, but according to my goals, this onepager gives only a cool “first expression” about Incognito. I would like to avoid planning “too much” and keep it simple for us and for visitors too.

  5. We are happy to build that too after we finished this, its a good point!

Thank you for your review @andrey! :slight_smile:


Remaining neutral is a difficult task, but we aim to transform this site a way to express this is a community effort.

Awesome, I didn’t know that. I started to build my web wallet as well.

Exactly. We aim to make this clear to new users: We are an independent global community and they could join us too.

@Jacob offered to help us with this too. :slight_smile:

Thank you for supporting our work @ning, this means much to me.