Existing CRO in Incog is old erc20

Since crypto.com now has both their crypto.org & (EVM) Cronos chains, cro may still exist as an erc20, but is primarily a native coin.

Can Incog update CRO, which theoretically could be shielded directly over an IBC bridge from crypto.org, which is IBC enabled.

Hi CryptoWizard, you mean it would be possible to update CRO without bridges to Cronos?


If Incog had an IBC/Cosmos bridge, crypto.org is in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Cronos (EVM family) & crypto.org have a bridge. CRO is primary gas coin in both crypto.org & Cronos. I can already ibc CRO to Cosmos hub, or directly to Osmosis.

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Ok, :ok_hand:
Can’t wait for Cosmos to be supported too