Exchange Tron to pBTC

Hey guys.

I need to implement the following use case using Incognito and NodeJS SDK in particular:

  1. Create Incognito wallet.
  2. Add Tron token to it.
  3. Transfer some amount of Tron to Incognito wallet from an outer Tron wallet.
  4. Exchange received Tron to pBTC inside the Incognito wallet
  5. Unshield (withdraw) to an outer BTC wallet.

So, I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it private? This guide ( says “Note: This transaction will be no privacy, don’t try with your master wallet.”
  2. What fees are involved?
  3. Is the exchange rate good?

Incognito does not have a Tron bridge. Full stop.

You cannot shield, unshield or trade Tron on Incognito.

Any attempt to send Tron to Incognito WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF YOUR FUNDS. Full stop.

You can add your thoughts about a Tron bridge here and vote for Tron here.


OK, same use case for litecoin or dash or bth? What are thoughts on that?

PS. Does Incognito do ripple?

Incognito has bridges for Litecoin and Dash. You may shield, unshield and trade Litecoin and Dash on Incognito.

Incognito does NOT have bridges for Ripple or Bitcoin Cash (assuming that’s why you meant by “bth”). You CANNOT shield, unshield or trade Ripple or Bitcoin Cash. Sending Ripple or Bitcoin Cash to Incognito WILL RESULT IN THE LOSS OF YOUR FUNDS.

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Bth is specified in “List of the tokens created on Incognito Chain”. I thought it would mean that I can do this to shield bth. What does “List of the tokens created on Incognito Chain” mean practically? What can I do with bth as it is on that list?