Exchange rate seems off

I am waiting for funds to clear for ether with the plan to shield and stake them on a virtual node.

Based on the current prv price of .55 ish $1000 should convert into approximately 1812 prv give or take a couple, but $1000 usd should be enough to Convert to more than the 1750 minimum, however whenever I check the estimated conversion in the app, it doesn’t work out.

To clarify,
5.211 ETH = $1013 usd currently
1750 PRV = $966 usd
So 5.211 pETH should be at least close to the 1750 prv maybe with a small amount of loss from fees

But when I do 5.211 pETH to PRV on the app it converts to less than 1500 PRV

What am I missing?

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The liquidity for the Peth/prv pair is low.

The best rates are pusd or pusdt

What you are unaware of is how rates are calculated on pDEX, it is an instant exchange. The rate is not determined by supply and demand.

That said, liquidity for a trade pair is of influence of the rate.
In general, the higher the amount you want to trade, the higher the resistance, which results in a lower rate.

Here is some additional information on
How pDEX works
and a video
How rates are calculated

Stick to the PRV / USDT and PRV / USDC markets now, exchange your ether elsewhere until uniswap is integrated into the app

As they described above, this is how a pool based dex works or any exchange with low liquidity

Thank you, I think I figured out what I was missing. I tried deposit and trade, but not liquidity.

I guess I’m still confused on what the difference is, but at least I see the conversion makes sense when I do add liquidity.


When you trade you just convert one coin for another.
When you add liquidity you add both coins of the trading pair to the trading pair pool.

The higher the liquidity for a trading pair, the less impact trade amounts have on the rate.

With the instant trading system a certain balance between the coins of the trading pair is kept at a contstant level. When your trading amount is small and liquidity is high, your trade will not influence the rate that much. If your trading amount is big and liquidity is low, your trade will have a big(ger) impact on the rate.

When you want to trade, you do not have to add liquidity. It is a good thing to check liquidity though.
Adding liquidity is another form of staking, you add coins and receive earnings. It is like earning interest from a savings account.

More info on earning from adding liquidity

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