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We have pdex serving us in the private domain. But we have not yet seen any exchanges or dex trading from erc tokens to our incognito tokens. Wonder should we start exchanges or persuade them to have more PRV Tokens / ERC 20 or even Tron pairs?
This will take time but maybe we can sound out the existing exchanges? Just a random thought, dun mind me :smile:

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Hey !
Not sure if I got it correctly. You can trade right now Any incognito token to any ERC20 or BEP2 tokens on pDEX.

Same thing with PRV. The liquidity hit almost $300k.

Isn’t it cover current needs ?

Maybe I got it wrongly. But pairs need to be created for each incognito token and erc20 tokens. If there are separate exchanges and dex doing more incognito token/erc 20 pairs, it will help to facilitate far more liquidity than at current. IMHO it will be good for liquidity and for PRV and incognito based tokens to go “mainstream” to such exchanges.


thats for sure. We are working on adding more liquidity to many pairs. The same time you can see that pDEX is permission less. It means anyone can add any liquidity he/she wants. So community can be quite active contributor of it.

Also if you feel that PRV should be listed on other exchanges, it for sure will be good for the exposure. The same time you probably know that most of exchanges charge super high for listing. In this case we should evaluate each decision carefully.

On another side I am sure once we get a critical mass of users who use Incognito on daily basis most of exchanges will want to list PRV.


Exactly! When we reach the critical mass, the exchanges will come queuing for us.