eTOROx possible cooperation

Hello, my recent tweet about Incognito got some attention on Twitter and eTOROx reached out to me.
Im sure it could be possible to connect incognito wallet with theirs to make private transactions from eToroX wallet.
@Jamie @andrey @Peter

Any ideas?


Nice, that is typically something @andrey would be interested in to explore possibilities.


Awesome stuff! I saw that on your twitter yesterday, ive reached out to you to see what we could do. :muscle:


Hey @nikolakr,
Thanks for sharing, I was tagged to that tweet as well)

The idea to integrate privacy gateway to crypto exchanges is really strong.
To make sure that we focus on the right things, I would suggest asking if they have any interest in privacy for their users. Based on my experience if the project itself not interested in privacy you will just waste time.

Also for those who help us with spreading a word about Incognito, I strongly suggest

  • focusing on privacy and bitcoin maximalist - these people understand the importance of Incognito as no one else.
  • and try out to contribute to this initiative Help spread awareness of Incognito

If we focus altogether on one user group we could get 10X better results than if we spread our effort around different things.