Ethereum Unshield Fees

The new fees to “unshield” ether and withdraw it off the incognito platform are extremely high. I just went to do a test withdrawal and the estimated fee was about 0.029 ETH, or $75, and gas prices are pretty low at the moment.

Is this actually how expensive it is expected to be long term? During times of high congestion, or if ETH goes up in price significantly, this cost could easily 3x. I personally will not be using this platform to shield ETH if these fees can’t be lowered.

I also like to do test transactions with small values to ensure I have the address correct and everything is right before sending large amounts. With a 75 dollar fee, a test transaction is a massive expense and no longer feasible.

How do other people feel about this?

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So I actually did a test transaction when gas was about 8 gwei. The fee I was charged was about $36, which is better, but still pretty high and we can’t expect 8 gwei gas prices in the future. The thing I don’t understand is that when the transactions went through the fee for the Incognito chain transaction was 0 and the actual fee for the ethereum transaction was about $3.60 (5.33 gwei on 270,000 gas). Why was I charged 10x more than what the network fees actually were? Is there something I’m missing?

You know nothing Jon Snow :slight_smile:


Sending eth from wallet to wallet is not the same as interacting with smart contracts. Incognito eth unshielding is a smart contract, so expect similar fees to transactions on uniswap for example.


I’m also looking to unshield my ETH. For me the network fee is ranging between .0069 to 0.012ish ETH. The gas prices according to Gas Now don’t seem to be fluctuating that much.

@JonSnow You could try again when it’s generally nighttime in America. I’ve seen the gas prices drop as low as 5 gwei while the Americans are sleeping.

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